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Hey everybody! Today, I really want to talk to you about the backend story of the Alkaline Method, why it came to be, and what led me to create a significant, unique method that truly integrates all of the missing pieces of the puzzle together. I also want to explain the importance of breaking our habits and taming your brain. As an autoimmune patient, as well as a practitioner, I’ve spent the majority of my career feeling confused, marginalized, and limited. I’ve felt asked to do things for the sake of doing them because, by convention, that’s what we’re taught. Nobody asked any questions.

I started to have a lot of questions. My health was on the line. If something didn’t make sense, I wanted a better way. That’s what led me to be incessant and, really, relentless when it came to finding a better solution. So, I came up with the Alkaline Method. I needed to find a way for me to make sense of the whole dietary interventions. There’s so many things being said and I was being given advice about whether to go keto, paleo, vegan, etc.

So, I believe there shouldn’t be any dogmatic ways of doing things a certain way. I really want to empower each and every one of you to be direction from an internal reference point, not an external reference point. Here’s what I mean. Most of us, and even I am guilty as charged, look to Instagram. That’s where I get most of my ideas for dinner plans. Recently, probably in the past year due to COVID, I’ve had to cook a lot more than I had to before. We were homebound and it’s just what we did.

Nutrition Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Upon entering Instagram, I was getting ideas from Korean chefs, vegan chefs, Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, all of the things that I love. Even though it might have been vegan, it wasn’t necessarily healthy. The food was full of gluten and they were using sauces and such that they would get at a Korean grocery store, in the name of being Korean. All good cultural, but it wasn’t necessarily healthy, aligned with the elimination diet that I teach within my program. So, I started to juxtapose all of the information and I, myself, got really, really frustrated.

Now, having said that, I don’t want to buy into anything because, if you know anything about me, I studied nutrition and dietetics. I graduated with a Master’s degree in nutrition in 1998. In the 90’s, fat-free was all the rage and they loaded up those packaged goods with high sugar content. I was getting fat and gaining weight like crazy, but it wasn’t really the weight gain. It was more of the inflammation that was retaining water.

Then, pretty soon after that, I developed lupus, as many of you know. I was vegan, because I was going to Loma Linda University, which was Seventh Day Adventist. They promote much of a vegan lifestyle, with no stimulants. It’s one of the Blue Zones of the world, where centenarians live. They do a lot of public health studies and they have a renowned hospital and medical center that people clock to for studying, in that highly prestigious community.

Seeking Answers Outside of Conventional Medicine

I was left eating vegan for five years that I was there because immediately after getting my Master’s degree, I went on to get my Doctoral degree in physical therapy. It wasn’t until after five years that I fell straight into my autoimmune condition. At that time I was fully vegan. I wasn’t even near any animal projects. Even though I was at Loma Linda, all of the highly skilled doctors couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong with me. So, out of desperation, I was left to seek kinesiology, chiropractic, holistic health, and traditional Chinese medicine.

I went to see a doctor in Los Angeles, who claimed that he specifically cured and reverse lupus. He palpated my pulse and he said I should be eating meat. Not just any meat, but red meat. That really dumbfounded me because I thought that because I had a degree I knew all there is to know about nutrition, and here is a guy who’s telling me the opposite of what I believe to be true.

So, that’s what I want to talk to you about. Our beliefs are largely based on what we think it true, but they’re not necessarily true. I will tell you, I did exactly what he said. It was the only hope that was given to me at that time. I followed a very paleo-style diet plan. I immediately felt better. Within six months, all of my ANA DNA strands and all of the serology for lupus disappear as if it was all cured. Not only that, but they gave me a lot of herbal medications.

Look Inward, Rather Than Outward

Now, at that time, every time I went to my rheumatologist, it was fear-mongering. I used to get high blood pressure, because all he wanted to do was give me increasing dosages of corticosteroids. I already had hair loss and didn’t want to be on corticosteroids. Also, I had exposure to other lupus patients, who were significantly sick, had moon phase, were gaining weight, and were debilitated. I didn’t want to look anything like that. Yes, I was a very vain young women back then.

So, I wanted to get away from anything that was going to make me sicker. I did exactly what my traditional Chinese medical doctor said to do, weaning myself off of the corticosteroid without telling my rheumatologists. Even then, I didn’t know what was in the concoction of what the traditional Chinese medical doctor gave me. All I wanted to believe was that he can cure me. Cure me he did, because by the time I was about to get married, all of my serology for lupus was completely non-existent.

That’s my background story. So, fast forward 20 years to today, when I’ll tell you the belief that there is a legitimate diet for autoimmunity couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t want you to be chasing the next fad, because that’s exactly what we’re taught in school. They’re fad diets. Couscous, quinoa, gluten, wheat, all the new grains, coconut oil and coconut milk, you know what I’m talking about. Is it healthy, is not what I mean. It all depends.

Our Brain is Failing Us

We shouldn’t be asking what food should we eat or whether the food is the enemy or not. We should be asking why we can’t handle the foods that we’re eating. Then, we can focus out energy on an internal reference point, to fully step into our power by being fully responsible for our health. That’s why I created the Alkaline Method. It isn’t about the food, exercise, meditation, or having faith. We can only do who we are.

Many of you are misguided in thinking that you are being a certain way when, in fact, you’re being super sick. You’re attached to your old ways of being sick and being a victim. That’s how you’re stepping up to being. Full of doubt and fear, because how could you not be in fear and doubt? We have autoimmune conditions. Yet, we do all the things, thinking that the solution is outside of us.

How many of you, like me, have sought out the likes of a practitioner who claimed to cure you of something? The moment we start to look for and chase after those solutions outside of us, we will never be free from our own attachment to out suffering. We become dependent on others to fix that for us when, in fact, you are the one who is fully responsible for healing yourself.

From Disempowered to Self Empowered

So, the Alkaline Method is all about shifting you wholeheartedly, utilizing the four essential elements, from a disempowered autoimmune victim to the self empowered healer that you are. You are the healer. No doctor can heal you. When they tell you lupus can’t be cured it’s because they can’t cure lupus. They can’t cure autoimmunity. The doctors can’t cure MS or rheumatoid arthritis. They don’t even understand what it is because they don’t know what it’s like to live with these conditions.

The doctors look at the pathology of the situation, minus all of your history, genetic woes, past trauma, and experiences. They don’t even ask you what you’re all about, where you upbringing has brought you, or what traumas or mental anguish you live with every day. They’re busy writing a script for an anti-depressant or a constipation medication. All they want to do is have a quick fix for your problems so you can be out the door and out of their office.

So, to me, that was a very limited way to approach my long-term chronic condition, being told that it wasn’t curable by someone who has no idea. After a while, I began to ask serious questions. That’s when I created the Alkaline Method. Here’s the truth: 90% of what we do every single day is done subconsciously. The subconscious mind is the mind that is completely unconscious. It’s the habituated brain.

Your Brain is on Autopilot

In order for you to really understand it, you have to understand the concept of automation and habit. Everything you think, feel, and do, day in and day out, is the result of conditioned, habitual patterns. You’re operating on autopilot, making decisions ahead of time. You know exactly how your day is going to go because you’re operating from that 90%, an already conditioned way of being. So, if you’re attached to suffering, your sickness, or the fear of your sickness, energy expands where you attention goes. If your focus is on the sickness, you will invite in and manifest more of that in your life.

That’s the truth that I had to learn. I really had to understand that with my analytical brain, which is always seeking black and white answers to everything that I questioned. This was the thing that was missing in the work I was studying. I will tell you I have a degree in psychology, nutrition, physical therapy, and physical medicine. I have certifications in functional medicine, I am a yoga practitioner at the highest 500 hour level, I’m a master double certified pilates instructor, and I studied energy medicine.

Using the Alkaline Method to Tame Your Brain

All of this to say, if you don’t change who you are first and foremost, step into elevating your consciousness to expand your mind to new possibilities, start from a clean state of empowerment, and do the things from a place of being, everything will be a wash. If you don’t do that work, and instead do everything you do from the standpoint of a victim, it will only produce marginal results. As long as you feel like the answers are outside of you, you’ll always get more of the same. I want you to look at that, because in order for you to shift your career, life, and health towards success, you must learn to tame your brain and understand how it works.

That’s why the Alkaline has four essential elements. First, I will discuss and delve into the subconscious mind element. The subconscious mind element has three pillars. The first pillar is your foundation, roots, or identity. We have to figure out where you are and where you have been conditioned to believe all of your limiting beliefs about who you think you are. From that place, the second pillar is your alignment. You are aligned to a false sense of who you are. As long as you live in that false sense, you’ll always feel void and be suffering on the inside. Lastly, the third pillar of the first element is your core – your core values, missions, and your physical musculature. Those are the three essential pillars of the first element of the Alkaline Method.

Then, the second element is the conscious mind. It also has its three pillars, which I won’t go into today. The third element is the modern medicine. Neuroscience, functional medicine, and all the external things that you seek for medical advice is only 25% of the big picture. Modern medicine has its own three pillars as well. Lastly, the fourth element is timeless wisdom. It encompasses mother nature and energy medicine. The three central pillars that go along with the timeless wisdom tie it all back so that you can finally be whole again.

There’s a lot of lacking information in the “how to’s.” When we’re seeking for solutions for our autoimmune conditions, you get what you seek. So, it’s funny to me when patients come to me, knowing that I am an autoimmune health expert and my degrees and trusting me, but still coming in with a clear agenda of what they want to get out of it. They want a clear-cut supplement regimen, or a specific diet plan, or movement they can understand. They want to learn a little bit more.

Recognize the Tendencies of Your Brain

Many of them want things, and wanting something is all good, but wanting something is a feeling and doesn’t require much of you. You can still want those things from a place of being sick. I want to be healthy and I pay lip service to it, but I still feel miserable, not doing anything about the want. The key thing that I want you to take away from this lesson altogether is that, subconsciously, you have to recognize your tendency to want and be attached to your past, suffering, fear, shame, guilt, and all the negative feelings and thoughts. All of these things produce the actions that you take day in and day out that have become habituated.

That’s why you can’t really change or stick to a program long enough to understand if it made an impact or not. That’s the truth. I’ve been treating patients for over 20 years and it’s their ability to follow through with the whole program that’s lacking. I had to fight the same demons as well. It wasn’t until I really looked at my subconscious mind and understood how the brain works that I really was able to get on my healing path. That’s all I want for you. I want you to finally have a clean slate to get from point A to point B.

Making a Commitment to Yourself and Your Health

Whatever you want, you need to be committed to doing the things from a place of being the person that you want to be, before you’re even there. We’re already making decisions based on what’s available to you right now, which is pretty limited if you’re limited in your ability to think about your health. You’re limited in your ability to think big, have dreams, and expand your mind to the possibilities. You look at the practicalities and limitations, which are what bounds you to where you are.

So, you get stuck and your wheels keep spinning in the same place, doing the same thing. You might be a little better, a little different, or a little more year after year. But, because autoimmunity is a serious condition that degrades your health every single day, you’re going to be no better off a year from now, three years from now, or five years from now. Every day that you spend passively wanting and living your life in victimhood, depending on other people to cure you is a day that is lost. It only gets you closer to more debilitated ways of living.

So, I want to change that, to really shift you from a place of victimhood towards being the self empowered healer that you are. Healing is an inside job. That’s the nuts and bolts of the Alkaline Method. The subconscious mind is such a huge component, as 90% of what you do, think, and feel every single day is habituated. That habituation produces your results. If you’re sick, you have to take responsibility for what you’re thinking, feeling, doing, and not doing day in and day out.

Detach From Your Old Self

I remember I could not get myself to do the things, no matter what I subscribed to. I might follow through for a week or two. Then, I would flop to the side and fail at the endeavor. I couldn’t hold onto it, either. Instead, I would talk myself out of it, or sabotage myself, or bully the program and the practitioner, and then just dismiss it as if it didn’t work.

I had to be honest with myself about the fact that I couldn’t get myself to change. I couldn’t get myself to shift my ways of being to really commit to the path. Honestly, if you really commit to the path and are self integral and committed to your own being, then, no matter what, you will get there. I guarantee you that it’s because you lack the motivation. You lack the grit to get where you need to be.

I tell my patients in my Autoimmune Health Transformation program that what they need to do is get rid of the attachment to their old selves to create their new selves. You have to stop being the old version of yourself, because whatever you want and are committed to is on the opposite side of the river of misery, dark night of the soul, or whatever you want to call it.

Conflict in Your Brain

That shift and change is going to cause you to go through a lot of cognitive dissonance. There’s going to be a lot of internal conflict and integration anxiety. All of these things that you have to be ready for so, when it strikes you you don’t just give up. You just have to keep going. Whether it be an athlete, businesswoman, or even someone who has overcome a disease and cured themselves, they had to get over and overcome their own inner struggles and demons and commit to staying on the path.

That requires you to really understand how your brain works and be able to train your brain for ultimate success. Every single one of you is secretly seeking and wanting to feel better, to belong, be accepted, be internally focused, and be guided. But, your self-loathing is what’s keeping you from getting there. You don’t feel good enough, so you punish your body. Then, you wonder why you are so sick.

That’s the blind side. We have to bring awareness to it. I used to always do the next best thing, strive for me, accomplish getting there, but shove all the success I need to fill the void deep within me. My desire to do all of those things were for the praises from my mom. It was misguided on the external validation that meant nothing to me. What really matters to me is that I serve you in ways that you’ve never been served before. I can help one individual at a time to shift their focus and transform their lives from victim hood to self-empowered healer. That, to me, is edifying.

Sicknesses Makes Us Self-Important

When we get sick, we tend to get sucked into this self-importance, thinking that it’s all about me, me, me, me, me. I’m sick, so I can’t. Why can’t you understand that? Me, me, me, me, me. That becomes the focus. I could only heal when I focused on my internal reference in my pureness to serve you, to shit you from sick to health. When I focused on your wellbeing, I then started to heal myself, as well, because I’m on this path with you. I do have the inner demons. I was in the same position as you, buying into all of the things I share.

You have to recognize that no amount of supplements, fancy testing, hormone replacements, diets, or medications can truly heal you. I will tell you, many of you struggle with anxiety and depression. Then, there is this lack of motivation and deep self-loathing and lack of self worth that keeps you from obtaining your goal.

I grew up in a highly critical family, focused on looks, being slim, looking the part, and being perfect, almost. This was the way I grew up. Everything was a criticism and we really weren’t praised. My mom used to say that if she praised us we’d get too much of a big head and we’ll stop trying. She’d say that she loved me so much that she’d let others praise me and she’d criticize me. I longed, and to this day I still long, for her affection in her words. But, she was manipulative in that way in her own right. She grew up during the Korean War and her parents were that way too.

Taming Your Brain and Elevating Your Consciousness

The goal is not to blame other people. The goal is to elevate our consciousness enough to create space to love all aspects of being human. At the end of the day, that’s what we are. I want you to stop the self betrayal and focus on your willingness. Look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you’ve been committed all this time. Or have you been paying lip service to what you want passively and spending the money trying, but without doing it from a place of being the person you need to be?

From that place of being, you’ll be able to do all the things and get to the other side, the version B of yourself. That’s what this work is for because many of you, like me, have emotional, mental, and physical traumas that we’ve been subjected to. Traumas look different for every single person, like emotional abandonment and neglect, mental abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or even a motor vehicle accident.

Regardless of what these traumas may be, we were told to just shrug it off, feel fine, and move on. But, I will tell you, the somatic changes that get locked into our physicality that show up 20, 30 years later, are very commonplace for us with autoimmune conditions. So, when you think about your autoimmunity, you have to look at the whole aspect of your life. It’s not just what happened months before you had autoimmunity. It’s something that you’ve been doing and your way of being that created autoimmunity. This is a better way to look at it, because doctors will only look at pathology. They won’t even diagnose you until you serologically have enough antibodies to see that you’re truly autoimmune.

Be Honest With Yourself

I want to get to as many of you as possible before it’s a full-blown autoimmune disease. It’s absolutely preventable. Let me ask you: what are you tolerating in your life? Who are you, not who you think should be, but who are you truly on the inside? Again, nobody’s every asked you this. So, I need you to start thinking in those ways and look in the mirror. Am I just wanting something, or am I really committed to healing myself, no matter what?

Am I full of regrets, guilt, and shame? Are you so busy in that misery that I’m not taking action towards what I want? What are you really being? A smoker will smoke because they’re a smoker. A non-smoker can’t smoke, because they’re not a smoker. We can’t do who we are not. I want to end with the fact that 100% of the time, anything that you want is 100% possible.

The only thing standing in your way is what’s between your ears: your brain. So, tame your brain and you can change the course and prognosis of your autoimmunity. I guarantee that that’s all it takes. Stop looking for answers outside of you. Decide and commit to mastering your mind and body. That way, you can master and tame your brain once and for all. Start being the person that your envision yourself to be. Dream big, elevate your consciousness, let go of your past, and expand your mind to new possibilities. From that place of being, then, you can start to empower yourself to be the creator of the health and life of your dreams.

Live the Solution Every Day

My friends, that is so possible for you, you just don’t know it. So, I hope that was inspiring, but I don’t want this to be just an inspiration. I really want you to follow through with the options. It’s like riding a bicycle. We can read about it and watch other people do it, but, unless you get on and put everything on the line to risk falling, then you’ll never learn how to ride the bike. It’s the same way with autoimmunity. You have to live the solution every single day, committed to your self growth.

I hope this was helpful. Next week, we’re going to dig deeper into the second element, which is the conscious mind. I’m going to continue to share all of the elements and pillars of the Alkaline Method. I believe that’s what’s lacking in all areas of medicine, conventional, holistic, functional, or otherwise. If you enjoyed this message, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can also find me at the Lupus Rebel Facebook page, as well as in my free Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. Make it a great week, and I’ll speak to you all soon.

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