Ten Things I’ve Learned While Living with Autoimmunity

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Hey everybody. For today’s blog post, I wanted to share a brief description of what I’ve learned in my two decades of living with autoimmunity.  

1.  Create the Life You Want to Live

You are the author of your life. So often we live at the mercy of our lives reacting to what happens rather than proactively creating what we want.  I’ve learned that your life is your movie.  If you don’t like the current movie, rewrite the script to reflect how you want to live, where, with whom, etc. All things are up to you.  Stop limiting yourself to the should, oughts and musts of living with autoimmunity. You are FREE to be and do whatever you please.

2. Health is Wealth

We often put our health on the back burner, but it’s the most important element in our lives. If we don’t have health, no amount of wealth matters.  Re-prioritize your life to place health and self-care at the top of the list.  Autoimmunity gives you more of a reason to seek self-care and fight hard to create health.  Once you have health despite living with autoimmunity, you can go and create wealth.

3. Healing is an Inside Job

No amount of external input can change what’s within you.  Without your involvement, healing can’t take place.  It’s a switch within that needs to be turned on to help YOU find your healing journey and keep charging forward.  Nobody or nothing can do the healing for you.  

4. The Messenger is More Important Than the Message

When seeking an expert’s advice or help, make sure they embody what you want to achieve for your health goals.  For example, most holistic doctors don’t practice what they preach. So, if someone wants to prescribe a diet, lifestyle, exercise, etc., you want to select someone who embodies what you want to achieve.  That they are living by example: Someone who shows you how it’s done vs tells you what to do.

5. Be Clear About Your Goals

Often we don’t know what we are working toward.  Health is elusive, but to reverse your condition means what for you?  It may still be substandard.  Doing the work to transform your health will require you to be clear on exactly what you want to accomplish in your life and health.  So begin to do the work by setting aside quiet time each day to be clear on exactly what you want to achieve for your health, finances and relationships.  These are the three basic pillars that most people need in their lives.

6. Stop Living From the Past

Too many of us live from our past rather than looking forward to creating our futures.  The past has already happened, and the future is promised to no one; all we have is the present.  Spend some time visualizing your future and reverse-engineering the steps that you need to take to create health, wealth and ideal relationships so that you can thrive in your life.  It’s so worth the time to do this.  

7. FEAR is False Experiences Appearing Real

Fear tends to keep us focused on our limits, and it paralyzes us and keeps us from daring greatly.  Understanding that fear is a permanent companion in our life frees us from being intimidated by it. We begin to welcome fear as part of the human experience.  In this way, a healthy dose of fear will fuel your drive for achievement in all aspects of your life.  See it for what it is and use it as a catalyst to achieve greater goals.  

8. Metabolize Emotions

Just as we metabolize our foods, we must learn to metabolize feelings.  When we ignore or repress our feelings, it can create negative vibrations in our bodies that gets absorbed only to be triggered time and time again to cause an action or inaction that perpetuates the cycle of inflammation and potentially worsen our autoimmune or cause a full-blow flare.  

9. Enjoy Your Life

We can absolutely choose to be joyful in all things.  Gratitude is the secret to finding joy in your life. Autoimmunity doesn’t have to keep you from enjoyment unless your thoughts keep you from the joys of life. So, DECIDE to choose joy every single day because it is the power that you have.  

10. Detoxify and Eliminate

Detoxifying foods, negative emotions and traumas are an absolute necessity.  Once you detoxify, then you can move onto eliminating them out of your body or your life.  The toxins can come in many forms: in people, job, situations, foods, chemicals, etc.  Setting healthy boundaries around certain people, occupation, foods and chemicals are key to living a vibrant life full of energy and vitality.  So learn to use filters for your home vents, water filters, avoid chemicals and processed foods, set boundaries at work, as well as with certain people.  Learning to detoxify and eliminate places power where it belongs.  With you!

To learn more about me and my story of living with autoimmunity, click HERE.

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