The DNA of the Autoimmune Warrior

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In this training, I’m going to give you a radically different yet surprisingly simple way to approach your autoimmune condition. This will allow you to get rid of pain, have more energy, and gain control over your life and health. This is your chance to change the direction of your journey with autoimmunity. Find a way to finally experience some real progress towards your ultimate health. Know how you can shift from being an autoimmune “worrier” to being an autoimmune WARRIOR.

Welcome to Radical Empowerment!

I’m Dr. Connie and I am the founder of Lupus Rebel and Alkaline Method. I am also the host of Mind Your Health and Functional Yoga Medicine podcasts. Living and breathing autoimmunity and solutions for. I consider myself a health engineer, Yogi, functional healer, and an autoimmune warrior.

22 years ago, I got diagnosed with lupus. Then 10 years ago, I decided and turned my health problems into a radical empowerment; that shifted everything in my life. Today, I simply show my patients how exactly they can do the same with their autoimmunity. Whether it’s living with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s multiple sclerosis Hashimoto’s or any other chronic illnesses. 

If you have any chronic illness, I’m about to give you the simple and easy to follow blueprint. This will give you the clarity and confidence that you need as a catalyst for radical empowerment.

I became obsessed with solving the puzzle of auto-immunity, but mostly I just wanted to feel better. Hence, I sought out all the training and realized that all were good. Only proving pieces of the puzzle, putting it together in a way that’s making sense for me was my job. That was a lot of things to put together so I created a way to put it all together.

But at the end of the day, whether it’s yoga or changing your diet, applying functional medicine, going to physical therapy, I have to really go to all those things and then consider how they fit in, in the context of your life. Hence, it’s your job to put it all together in the context of what is going to work for you while at the same time, you’re doing all the things to help your body.

Are You Really Helping Your Body?

We desperately try to hold onto anything in everything that might help us. Therefore, all the things like yoga, nutrition, functional medicine, physical therapy, and pilates are how I got well. 

Today, I’m able to help autoimmune patients become radically empowered to heal. Therefore, I created a certification program for practitioners to be able to do the same. I’m super excited and stoked. As you can see, I am part of the yoga alliance and I do run a 500 hour school. I’m an experienced continuing education provider through the yoga alliance. I graduated with a degree in, getting my master’s in nutrition as a registered dietician and a doctorate program in physical therapy. I’m a fully board certified Pilates instructor through the Institute of a Pilates association. Then of course, the Institute of Functional Medicine for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners.

I’ve had some training under my belt. In this blog, I’m going to give you the antidote to pain and fatigue. I’ll share with you the alternative to really end your confusion and frustration so you can turn your autoimmunity into a powerful catalyst for true healing transformation. 

I’m talking real, this is work in progress. If that sounds great to you, well, you’re going to love what I’m preparing, but first I must warn you because creating health from other immunity is unlike anything you’ve had to do before. I want you to really think about it. Not only are you dealing with symptoms of autoimmunity that can be destructive to your body, but it also impacts your career, your future relationships, finances, it impacts your identity. As you know, life gets turned upside down.

If you are new to your diagnoses, you’re likely confused as ever, right?

Find Out The Root Cause

While there are so many so-called solutions out there, there’s often, or those are often founded upon the false assumption that the root cause is something they define for you.

If you go to an acupuncturist, you somehow have to assume that there are Meridian imbalances within your body. Diet? Then, assume that diet is what caused the autoimmunity. An endocrinologist? I assume the hormones go on and on. For example, putting things in context if there’s plant-based diets, keto diets, autoimmune, paleo, and even intermittent fasting; they are all proven and medically validated to eat and validated to be effective. So each contrasting diet is a solution to autoimmunity and they are all supposed to work. So what matters is what’s right for you.

I find so many autoimmune patients that are super confused about what diet to follow. They followed some diets with some success, but at some point it’s sort of, they hit a dead end and they don’t get any progress after that. Although many autoimmune patients come to medications as well, it’s the side effects of the medications that further complicate your wellness, and this can be tricky to navigate. Hence, the odds are stacked against you, and this is what we have to deal with. 

The Proof

Let’s change all of that in order to fulfill the vision you have for your future. We have to take a look back at the past at the habits and ways of thinking from the public figures like Stevie Wonder, who is regarded as one of the greatest living artists today. His piano skills, along with his distinctive voice have moved many of us. This man is capable of moving our emotions.

This man is now a living legend and known across many generations. Remember, Stevie Wonder was worn prematurely, which resulted in a condition called retinopathy of prematurity, leading to his retina becoming detached. This causes complete blindness, and his blindness did not get in the way of him becoming, not just an artist, but one of the greatest music icons of all time. This my friends is what I consider radical empowerment at its best.

There’s also Helen Keller, who was an American author and is well-known for being depicted on stage, in many on screen adaptations; her books, which included her autobiography, have gained international acclaim. She remains a prominent literary figure more than 50 years after her death. But remember, she acquired a disease as an infant, which led her to losing her senses of sight and hearing.

Can you imagine your life without sight and hearing? And I mean, this is all of your communication abilities, completely taking away the laws of these two particular senses of letter to have great difficulty with the language itself. Yet here she masters that because her hard work, her unwavering commitment and the help of her teacher mentor and Sullivan led her to be a successful author of all things. This too is an example of radical empowerment; to use obstacles as a catalyst for powerful transformation that can have a ripple effect in the world.

This is proof that any obstacles in our lives such as autoimmunity can be a catalyst for powerful transformation. We can come together and that’s what I seek to do in this community. I want to be the example of what’s possible and really redefine what it is to live with. 

What I Want For You

To be resilient and remarkable is really what radical empowerment is.

That’s what I want for you. Also, that’s what I want to prove as a collective because the path to healing and thriving begins with radical empowerment as the foundation for success. 

The reason why I’m here is to help you to empower yourself. You can get back to living your life on your terms, free from pain, fatigue, and suffering. You are either an autoimmune WORRIER who constantly thinks about the thing that hasn’t happened and dramatizes the worst case scenario. Somebody who worries about it over and over. On the other hand, the WARRIOR is empowered to use whatever obstacles stand in their way as a catalyst for a powerful transformation towards what they want to create. The warrior within rises above the day today, struggles and chooses to focus on the things they want to improve. More importantly, they take necessary action and they are grounded and strong in their convictions to get well, no matter what — that’s really the core of radical empowerment.

Start of Your Warrior Moment

We must look to the present and really understand that we came from our past context. What we experienced in the past (all our traumas and memories in the stories that we tell of ourselves) is what we bring forth to the present. We don’t really spend time being here at the moment. In fact, when we project the negativity of what we experienced as a context in the frame for our future, we project into the future so much. On top of that, there are so many stories that will scare the pants off of you. Just like the medical community constantly telling us that autoimmunity is considered incurable and super scary.

How many times has anybody come up to you and say, “Oh, you have lupus. I’m so sorry, honey.” And give you the look of sympathy, empathy. That’s all good, but they come back and they tell me how many people, whose relative’s sister’s daughter died from lupus. 

It was those moments where I had to really ground down and really think about what kind of a disease I have. I really can’t help but to be scared about what that means because I feel fine now. But what does it mean if somebody can suffer such a big thing? That’s the thing with autoimmunity. It’s got so many variables that it’s impossible for us to really recognize all the compounding variables. Nothing other than one variable affecting another compound matters so much that no matter how much I studied, there is no way an expert or a doctor can know exactly what’s wrong with you.

The Band-aid Approach

This is the reason why there is a band-aid approach, even in the holistic world. They focus on the one thing or a piece of the puzzle, and that fragmented puzzle doesn’t give you the whole answer to be able to solve for the puzzle or for the X. 

I’m talking about getting the foundation that is necessary in your life, just as we are about to embark on solving the puzzle of auto-immunity in our specific lives.

At the core, we’re finding radical empowerment in each of our lives so that we can really solve our own puzzles, because nobody can possibly know you like you know yourself.

Yet we’re conditioned to depend on these experts to tell us exactly what to do. You and I both know they’re all contradicting each other; that just goes to show how much they don’t know. Even if you might feel well, it might be a short time before you feel better. I’ve gone both feeling good and completely in remission, and what knocked the socks off me and really super duper sick to where I was debilitated. 

Break the Barriers

Remember, most research and scientific data tends to look only at a piece of the puzzle to make a prognostic statement about autoimmunity. But I believe this can mislead many to believe in the false narrative of how dire, how negative this disease of autoimmunity can be. When they don’t know human minds, including the doctors and the experts, they go to a place to fear mongers, which is not a good place for us to be, especially with our conditions. Unfortunately, so many autoimmune patients seek holistic or conventional care looking for someone else to save them, to pull them out of their misery and help them to actually feel better. Most don’t really have a specific criteria to know when they achieved feeling better. For instance, they don’t even know what they would look like or how they would feel. 

Before joining the program, one of my patients’ goals was to be able to walk the whole Costco without getting tired. So to me, this was too small of a goal versus a goal that surpasses any expectations. That’s what radical transformation is or radical empowerment is breaking through. The self-limiting barriers are part of the work we do through our autoimmune healing transformation. We’re not talking about just incremental benefits of doing a little more, a little better and a little differently, every time for a little improvement and a little two weeks in order for us to win with autoimmunity, we have to flip it upside down and make radical changes.

The True Meaning of HEALTHY

Despite wanting to feel better, most patients don’t have a clear idea. I was like that too, of what that looks like. So what does healthy truly mean for you?

Why I decided to really define what healthy is because healthy means different things to different people.

Therefore, healthy as it stands should be Harmonious. Whatever you do, it should be Easy. It should trigger Awareness in your body. Also, should facilitate and cultivate Love. It should bring out the Truth because the truth sets you free. Being healthy of course should be something where Healing fosters. Lastly, it should bring out the true essence of You.

Manifest and Act

No matter what you believe, whether you like it or not, you’re manifesting the exact thing through your beliefs. That’s why most successful health warriors are those who approach any given situation with the unwavering commitment to heal.

Yet, despite wanting to heal, most are not willing to do all the things necessary to actually heal.

You have all your experiences, you know what to do, you know what healthy choices are, yet you can’t get yourself to do that. This happens at the worst times when you’re feeling so tired, so debilitated, and there is absolutely no hope in front of you. That’s when you’ll start to feel like it doesn’t matter when your mind starts to give up on you and starts to tack onto that own limiting belief/s. Then, that’s when you get into the spiral of suffering and you can’t hardly get out. Hence, you really need a mentor to pull you out every time and really get to know the thought processes that you hold.

That’s the blind side, so much trauma and unknowing experiences dictate our lives today and that’s what writes our narratives of how we live our lives. It’s the interpretations that we’ve made already. That’s become secondhand beliefs and it’s become the fiber of our being.

The Reason Why There is Autoimmune Healing Transformation

I want to change that, that’s why I called this program; the Autoimmune Healing Transformation. When you experience healing from believing, that’s when everything clicks back in place and everything starts to make sense because nothing else in the world changes. But when you change, everything changes, and that’s truly in our power that I want you to experience.

Now, if you know anything about autoimmunity, you probably think that healing is impossible. Autoimmune is complex and extremely hard to manage holistically. Therefore, with or without a mentor or a coach member, we can’t do it alone. We can only do so much alone. We can move the world and make miracles together. Then, when the healing path scenes are insurmountable, that’s when you don’t have a leader or a coach or a mentor to help you pull out all the destructive thoughts that you hold on to.

“If you don’t have a plan, should you even bother?” That’s the voice in your head, right? On top of that, there’s just no guarantee that it’s going to work.

Well, even though these claims are valuable, stick with me because throughout this training, I’ll show you how healing from autoimmunity does require radical empowerment, which will help you to avoid unnecessary frustration and stress that keeps most people stuck no matter what autoimmune condition or severity. 


In fact, one of my patients recently was so shocked or stoked about her lab results. Nicole was able to get her labs within normal limits and is planning to buy a house with her boyfriend. So just two years ago, Nicole was struggling with complications from autoimmunity, cellulitis, so much pain, weakness and disability. She didn’t know what to do. I saw her foot was getting increasingly swollen to the point she couldn’t walk. The doctors didn’t listen and she never felt heard. She felt the doctors completely dismissed her concerns. As a result, she suffered PTSD from this episode.

Now, she’s skeptical as ever when the doctors speak to them and it simply follows the book, the plan and was able to discover so many things underneath her autoimmunity, such as trauma as a child, abandonment, neglect, and self-worth were all the things that she was struggling with. She was able to improve from a very messy, like inflammatory condition proved by her labs here on the left to completely being normal with the labs on the right. But no amount of Dr. Wright was able to solve for the piece of the puzzle.

Solving the Puzzle Together

Remember, I told you the framework that you need when you try to solve the puzzle. It’s a very big puzzle and the secret is when you anchor the four corner pieces and know what they are. Second, you have to know what the whole picture looks like to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Without that as a guide like on the box, the full picture, it’s difficult to put the puzzle back together, yet that’s how we do in the medical community.

That’s how doctors approached us with only a piece of the puzzle. They think they have the solution if we need to change our diet, if only we check the hormones, and if we only recheck the food sensitivities. No doctor put the pieces of the messy puzzle together for Nicole and made her feel like a human being.

What I Didn’t Know

That was the problem you see, before you were diagnosed with whatever autoimmune condition that you have, you are a human being just like I was having this experience here in this human life here in now. Whatever they experience, good or bad, may have helped to worsen or improve autoimmunity. 

This is something I need you to consider, something that you dismissed as something that happened in your life could have caused so much inflammation. Months and years before getting diagnosed, I just kind of dismissed the fatigue that I felt every single day. I was always getting tired, there were some rashes that would come and go just being part of the human experience and I didn’t know that those were the warning signs. I never checked to see what was driving my unhappiness. In fact, I didn’t even know I was unhappy. I didn’t even know that I had all the repressive feelings over the lifestyle cycle. I didn’t even know I had trauma.

Inner Awakening

There’s an inner awakening process where you have to kind of grasp the foundation of who you are going across the top to align yourself with yourself. Also, to truly know who you are and really understand what your core values are so you can exactly know what you’re living for. 

Outer Manifestation

There’s the outer manifestation, which is understanding that in life there’s polarity. Sometimes, you’ll have difficult times in life. There’s a negative to the good. Sometimes you’ll be sad, but sometimes you’ll be colliding, happy, and so forth. We just keep flowing through because light life is dichotomous. It’s not just one sided. Through that dichotomy, you find breath.

Breath allows you to have mind-body mastery and connection. We do that through the practice of yoga. Finding breath while sitting in meditation allows you to slow down and tune inward. As well as to respond with intelligence and wisdom versus reactive to the live circumstances. Then, there’s balance which is defined by self-love, self regard and self-respect, setting healthy boundaries around in your life. These are all the skill sets and things that you have to uncover for your life so that all inflammatory things and habits can be completely destroyed to reprogram you into a better version of you. 

Modern Medicine

Now, there is modern medicine. This is where I put together the gut dysfunctions of the brain and the immune system together in a cohesive way.

What happens is that you become your own doctor since there is no other doctor that is receptive to your body more than you are. This is because you’re the one who lives with the receptors every single day to feel the pain, to feel the energy or depletion of the energy, or feel the sadness or whatever the consequences are from being so sick. 

Ancient Wisdom

Lastly, ancient wisdom has miraculous tendencies. We really believe that our bodies have an inherent ability to heal. Through that exploration, we dive deep into the yoga practice. It’s none, unlike any religious practice, yoga in our context is considered your opportunity for growth and awareness. Yoga helps you to exactly know who you are so you can reprogram yourself to be the best version through the catalytic movement that autoimmune has initiated for you.

We take a look into your energy in the body to feel what we feel and hang onto our intuitive sense to use that as a guidance and sort of a compass for your life. As well as to really use meditation and hypnosis in order to get to the mind so that you can ultimately have mind-body mastery. That pretty much sums up the framework of our methodology. 

Then, we start to solve for what’s in the middle. The DNA of you with all its variables and compounding variables, until every piece starts to make sense that you start to put things back together.

Know What Your Healing Path Looks Like

Once you’re diagnosed with autoimmunity, rather than looking to the experts and doctors, who look at you as the disease itself, not as a person, you must look within yourself to exactly know what your healing path looks like. This really does mean a goal that you want.

You get to decide to live the life you want going forward. You now get to redefine what health looks like for you, understanding that doctors with a lab coat and a stethoscope will only tell you that it’s incurable. It’s really up to us to decide whether we buy into their dogmatic ways, or we define what that looks like for us so we’d get to work. That’s what this program and this training is all about.

I see so many patients wanting to feel better and try different variations of multiple different things. Whether it be a diet, taking supplements, etc. But according to the recommendations from experts and doctors, friends, and, or even influencers online, they’re looking outside of themselves to dictate what’s going to go on. But the number of autoimmune patients is increasing every day which only means that it’s not working.

Free From Limitations

I’ll guide you through my three phase daily plan to feel better fast when autoimmune flare strikes.

The next flare will feel like a walk in the park. Whether you’re dealing with a minor skin irritation to a full-blown pain cycle, you can now follow these three steps in order to shift your autoimmune episode into a catalyst for optimal energy. Plus I’ll break down each of these three steps with a real life case study of an autoimmune warrior that I treated. Someone who freed herself from the limitations of her autoimmune, Eddy. 

You can exactly see how a great lifestyle plan gets executed and set up for success. It becomes so easy when things fall in place. You can easily focus on the most high impact activities for your health and accurately set your next move.

My Healing Path

Now, as the creator of a high level autoimmune healing transformation, I have the distinct privilege of supporting top performing autoimmune warriors who are truly committed to regaining their life back from autoimmune.

You have to be in it for the long haul, because if you think just trying a little bit different here and there is going to get you to success, you might have to think again.

I’m 22 years into this path, and it’s not an easy one because you need the right community. There are abundant communities that are still in the name of health, talking woe about me. It’s almost a victim mentality perpetuating that. Here’s the secret: they do so unknowingly. It’s sort of like, they’re stuck in this pattern, but they’re trying well.

I help you to see that trying is a failure word. You’re already operating from a broken place, so that’ll never work. That’s why we keep circling the same path over and over again. 

I saw how even the most strong and resilient autoimmune warriors can still get stuck in the negative self talk cycle, which keeps them from moving forward. I know the mind chatter that exists for every single one of you. I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, so I know it. 

Living Proof

That is why I created this program above and beyond just a dietary handbook or a guide book, because it’s not about that. It’s essential that you break that pattern because we got what got you here. It won’t get you to that place that you want. And if you keep repeating the same thing based on your past, you’re going to keep getting what you were getting. 

Teaching my VIP members in my program how to step into that warrior mode in their life, allowed them to follow a proven plan with more clarity and focus, creating major breakthroughs like Ginger. Who’s now free from pain and fear of all kinds of foods. When I met her, she was super, super scared of all kinds of foods. She knew she had autoimmune eczemas and other things going on. We were able to uncover all sorts of things to find peace, and she has a better outlook on her future, what she’s capable of. Also, she’s able to sell and get promotions in our job and have clarity for her life.

The Good In Not Giving Up

I want you to understand that there are options. There are better options for all of us. So please DON’T LOSE HOPE and hang in there.

Another patient of mine, Sandra, who came to me with Hashimoto’s. For many, many years, she sought me out because she was thinking some supplements might help. She wanted to lose some weight here and there, but the root cause of her perpetuating factor was her self-worth. There are some traumatic things that happened when she was a little girl. We were able to uncover that she was holding on to that story so much that it was affecting her current marriage. She had a massive breakthrough, really transforming herself that allowed her to finally let go and cultivate self-love. This allowed her to live in complete confidence in being herself again. For her, that was like a new path that was created. She started to feel better and all of a sudden, Hashimoto’s just became a non-issue for her.

That’s how powerful this work can be. It can be so easy yet sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be.

I’m telling you I’m truly honored and humbled that these autoimmune warriors chose me to teach and guide them. To see how to integrate a proven process, like a clear map and a strategy into their life or their own health. But honestly, I didn’t always have this figured out and it wasn’t so easy.

That Was Me

Have you ever heard of the phase where you end up teaching what you needed to learn? The reason why I love the work that I do is because that was me. I was a typical autoimmune warrior who sought out all the information out there to help me heal my lupus. Always interested in how to eat as the first line of defense simply because I was a dietician. I have a master’s degree in it, and that’s what I have formal training in. But after being diagnosed with lupus, with what I believe to be the healthiest diet for me, and having been on that diet for a long time — it was like a slap in the face.

Of all the people that I knew I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I felt like all my friends and colleagues were laughing at me. Through college to my graduate school, my doctoral studies, I was so disciplined and was known to be healthy. But, I became so sick with all the symptoms of autoimmunity that really caused me to deform. I lost my hair, rashes started to appear and my weight really went down. The pain and fatigue made me feel anything but healthy.

I can remember the exact moment when everything shifted for me as a mom of two, struggling at the time with a business and family. Despite my autoimmunity, I was constantly tired and I wore hustle. Busy-ness is like a badge of honor, which provided what I needed. We simply need to be worthy. I had a voice in my head constantly telling me to do more, do better, and to do a little different every time. It never stops because everyone will then find out who you are and that’s completely unworthy of love. 

What Triggered My Flare

I actually didn’t even know that that was the narrative. I was running by then on a sunny spring day with my kids, with my mom at the park. When my mom made a judgmental comment about my son, it triggered something so deep within me that it made me so angry. When you have those moments where you just get so angry and so overreacted, you won’t even know when you feel like they’re crazy; you can’t help it. I just remember that it stung really bad because of the trauma.

When I was a little girl, (this was a pattern that I saw with my family members) they would trigger me and I would get mad but I would avoid feeling bad as a child. I used to tell myself that I’m not good enough so I must work twice as hard as anybody to catch up. I was able to do the work and I found the wonder. 

My parents had to leave me and my siblings in Korea when I was just seven years old to get settled in the United States. Until the paperwork was ready for us to come to the states. We left Korea with our maternal grandmother who was an angry alcoholic. My grandfather had a concubine with two sons, my uncles. We’re not blood-related, but they were my uncles. My maternal grandmother was always drunk and unhappy because she had five daughters. In my culture, I guess that’s a no-no. My mom was the third daughter of the five. So you can imagine what kind of unworthy programming she had.

You had a lot of heartfelt moments and there were a lot of projections made to us from my mom. I know she never intends anything bad, but she’s unknowingly doing this. I don’t really remember a lot. But when we finally reunited with our parents, we were in a new country having learned a new culture and language. I just remember feeling even more unworthy at just 10 years old. Kids made fun of my accent and my inability to speak the language. This is why I felt I was 10 years behind anyone. Hence, I must work twice as hard just to catch up.

The Day I Have Decided To Become A WARRIOR

But that day,  when I realized that my self-worth was what was causing me to live a life that was so exhausting, I decided. I don’t want to live that way anymore. This is the day where I hung up the “WORRIER” hat and became a true “WARRIOR”. I started to dive deep, into discovering my hidden limiting beliefs that were causing me to self-sabotage and verbally abuse myself. Then, I began to attract the relationship in that way. Hence, I started to work on myself, allowing the negative feelings to come up and find the root cause of the thinking and the beliefs that were underlying. I started to write them down because otherwise it was super hard to see on my own, for sure, because those were the blind spots. I had to sit with negative feelings and thoughts that triggered me.

With these feelings while they hurt over time, I was able to get to the source of the problem. What was motivating me was that I was raising two boys and it was important to me that the negative patterns end with me. I didn’t want to hurt my boys or project my ways into their lives at all. Especially in ways my mom hurt me. More importantly, I also didn’t want to negatively affect my boys with my then poor marriage with my then ex-husband, it was a terrible relationship and it was very hurtful and it started to show. That period was probably the hardest for me as I had to get rid of relationships that were no longer serving me anymore and re-define the boundaries with those who were close to me.

It was hard on everybody, but today, I’m so thankful I did that because constantly being busy, pleasing everybody else, not knowing who I was, keeps me spinning faster and faster on a hamstring. Well, I was going nowhere, honestly, and repeating the same cycle and patterns over and over was not productive. Hence, I decided to change it. This took lots of painful awakening processes. To relearn and reprogram all the new ways with a clear focus and goal for myself was the hardest. But in retrospect, it’s the thing that we all forget, isn’t it?

It Is An Inside Job

When I began this healing journey, I didn’t know where it would take me or how far it would go. But I’m glad I mustered up enough courage to do the work. It was the best thing for me and my family. Empowerment is what I needed to cultivate enough courage to finally show up and for me to stop all the negative self-talk and self-loathing, and to finally enable myself to help myself heal.

This isn’t just about doing all the things. It’s really an inside job where the shift is an inner one.

We Need Help From Others

Always remember that this kind of help and insight, sometimes need others such as coaches and mentors to show us exactly what that looks like. 

My curiosity in my pain led me to where I am today. I’ve had the worst flare today. Just last year, probably four months ago when it failed my kidneys. Out of nowhere, I was in remission for over a decade. I was doing all the work through my online presence. I was running a successful business. Yes, COVID hit, but soon after I got the COVID vaccine, things started to go south really fast. I don’t know what happened. I was practicing functional medicine, doing all the things. It was something I have been doing for years already. But all of a sudden, it didn’t work anymore. I wasn’t stressed nor wasn’t doing anything different. It’s just that, for me, the triggering moment was the vaccine. I know that’s really theoretical and I can’t prove that. But either way, the challenge was real. 

However, I was able to show up as my best self and finally die to my old self to become my new self today. I no longer fear autoimmunity. Honestly, it was so bad.

“You gotta go inside.”

“We need you to do a kidney biopsy.”

“Something is very terribly wrong.” 

I ended up staying in the hospital for almost two and a half weeks, injected full of corticosteroids. The kidney biopsy had some trauma. It created hematoma. I was bleeding on the inside, affecting my kidney function even more and I had to get over all that. Even today, I’m just getting out of it, but I feel so much better. 

But for a while there, I couldn’t even do any yoga, which is part of my program. 

Put It Into Action

I share my woes and my health history with you to show you that I know what it’s like. But I also know that I can heal myself in ways nobody else can because I experienced many doctors and practitioners over my career, and as well as, as a patient. However, within this time from December to now, I know the cost of sick care. I know how messy things can be. I know how toxic the environment is. It’s not conducive to healing at all. It really perpetuates a sickness and we have a high achieving autoimmune warriors in my program who have decided to say no more to pain limitations and suffering myself included.

Everything is co-mingled and related with one another. Hence, they face life with a new found hope and courage ready for just about any obstacle that comes their way and realize that it’s just a part of being a human being. 

Put your empowerment into action in your life so that you can accomplish just about anything you want in your life.

Imagine that the possibilities for your life are endless as you break down every barrier into opportunities. I no longer saw myself as an anxious over thinking mom, but a CEO of my life and my health. Then, I was able to attract the right people in my life and set healthy boundaries to have nothing but a positive experience in my life.

What Radical Empowerment Is All About

Radical empowerment is all about the shift from “Who is me?” mode into a “I can do anything” mode. 

Now, I met the man of my dreams and I have the most mazing and healthy relationship with him. I am surrounded by amazing people where I no longer have to prove my self-worth. I live my life on my terms today.

While the strategy and the focus of giving you a simple solution, like the diet and supplements are part of it, we make sure to address the deeper need of what you’re going through and what you can expect is what I know. This is what I show my autoimmune patients, how to be, do, and have to get exactly what they want in life.

When you begin to shed the old identity, you gain focus, clarity, and confidence that surge out of the core of your being. You begin to live life on your terms because this is so short. Today, I can totally say I have freedom from autoimmunity. Yes, I may have symptoms that come and go, but I’m able to assess my health and do exactly what I need to do so that I can direct my own healing process.

At the end of the day, as Goliath and David demonstrate here, where David comes, look how much smaller he is, but he conquers and he defeats Goliath. That’s what we need to be able to do. Don’t feel so small and don’t succumb to the giant destructive agent. Our autoimmunity shifts our focus on what’s truly important. It’s an opportunity. We can see it as a blessing or a curse. It’s up to you, but I can tell you it’s a powerful catalyst. If you let it, that gives you an opportunity to level up and be in. To also take care of your health in ways you’ve never done before, but you’ll need a successful coach that can help you.

Without Health, Nothing Matters

I was back in the hospital not too long ago. I’m not able to do anything.

Not your kids, spouse, money, career, nothing matters. Many autoimmune patients get hung up on the price of health. But the cost of sickness is even higher. The time lost being sick in bed, quality of time with loved ones, sick days, medication costs, doctor visit costs. The list is endless. Being sick costs so much more. My hospital bill is over $115,000. It’s crazy, right? I’m not dependent on any meds, supplements today, or diets or experts. In fact, I can lean into my body and mind, and figure out exactly what my body needs to heal. I talk to my physicians on my terms and I tell them what I’m exactly doing, exactly what to expect, as well as I question them and their decisions. Having them back up my decisions make me exercise my power.

I have to do this in the hospital where I was being injected with unforeseeable, like unnecessary, inflammatory medications, I’ve had to say no to. These are some of the things that you have access to, that we don’t know out of simply trusting the experts blindly. The ability to figure out exactly what my body needs to heal; that my friends are priceless to know that you’re in control.

I want you to know that you too can achieve the same freedom. I promise.

Where Do You Begin?

Well, first we need to know which of the two identities you are. Once you’re done reading this blog, CLICK HERE to take the autoimmune assessment quiz. Once you answer the questions, which will take less than three minutes, you will see just how much empowerment is affecting your trajectory with autoimmunity.

Now that we know you need radical empowerment, let’s take a look at where you need them. The most we can do is dive into just three simple phases. First phase is the prep phase, second phase is detox, and third phase is the reprogram phase.

We’ll focus on our efforts leading up to the detox so you can build momentum and control,  and decrease inflammation. It is critical to decrease inflammation because your health can hinge on getting this right.

The Detox Phase

The second phase is the detox phase. This is the time where you get rid of all the things that may cause inflammation and trigger your autoimmunity. Remember, anything that’s triggering your autoimmunity can be coming in the way of relationships that are toxic; the thoughts that you’re moving and thinking all the time and all the memories that you’re choosing to hold onto and your identity.

Those are all toxic things that you need to detox out of your system because remember too, that inflammation is what drives all diseases in the body. Together with all the feelings, thoughts and negativity that you experience, which affect your body physiologically to cause inflammation. It’s what fuels the autoimmunity as well. Remember that they go hand in hand together. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried just every program that’s available out there and be on number three, I’ll show you how you can supercharge your efforts so that everything you do is amplified to deliver results fast. I’m all about results and I’m a straight shooter. I just want to see and make it make sense logically. 

The Reprogram Phase

Finally, in the reprogram phase is where the magic happens.

You’ll have a clear strategy for decreasing inflammation, no confusion, and improve your detox process in the body. So you make physiological changes at the cellular level so that your body is revived up to be working at optimal metabolic rate. It’ll improve the whole darn process, the prep detox and reprogram three simple phases to decrease inflammation. It is a proven approach to feeling better with autoimmunity fast. 

Hence, being sick and helpless helped me to realize just how important it is for me to be in charge of my own health and my life.Unless I decide to invest in my own health and wellness, I will forever be dependent on a failing system that will likely keep me debilitated for sure. That’s not what I want for you and that’s what I want to end here. 

Now, we really do have a choice to live life on our terms with complete independence. I’ve seen too many patients in my rehab career as a physical therapist; what it’s like to be dependent on others to take care of themselves. It’s really a dead end. You don’t want to go down because being dependent is just not fun. 

Thank you so much for staying with me until the end of this blog! I hope that I was able to convey the message that I wanted you to learn. Please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and FOLLOW me on my Instagram account to get more updates on the Mind Your Health Show sessions that’s gonna be from our recent live Autoimmune Healing Training.

See you on my next blog!

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