The Importance of Detoxification to Autoimmune Patients

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Hey, everyone! This is Dr. Connie. Welcome to our Mind Your Health Show blog for autoimmunity. Today, I want to talk to you about detoxification and elimination.

Why Detoxification Is Important

Detox is a fatty word these days. It’s important for those of us who are living with autoimmunity. We need to really consider the perpetuating triggers that continue to drive our immune system. But before we talk about detoxification, we must talk about why detox is so important.

We live in a very toxic world. The obvious toxins are in the air we breathe every day. It is also present in foods that we eat. Even in the stress of our modern lives, where we are constantly connected to our electronic devices.

Aside from that, we need to pay attention to toxic relationships, emotions, and thoughts that play key role that cause disruptions in our health.

We know that stress can cause chronic disease. It does this by primarily affecting our gut lining, making it more permeable to the outside world. The toxic foods that are full of additives, chemicals, hormones, and sometimes antibiotics passed down from our livestock.

Movement Is Essential For Autoimmune Patients

It’s really a no-win situation unless we can defend ourselves to create homeostasis within. That’s ultimately what we’re after. Truth is, we’re collectively getting weaker by virtue of our living conditions today. Staying active requires you to make a significant effort to do so. Everything we do is moving towards convenience, ease and less effort. And that’s really what our primitive brain, our nature, really prefers. And this creates a sedentary life where the norm is not to move.

When we don’t move, our bodies become full of stagnant energy that fails to move the toxins. But because we’re designed to move, if we don’t move at all, functions of the body suffer to create stagnation.

Example, there’s a pool of water that does not move. It just sits. It rots over time. There’s tons of bacteria and yeast, and anything else that can grow in that stagnant pool of water.

Our bodies work the same way. Slowly perpetuating inflammation from low grade toxicity that enters through our mucous membrane, primarily through our nasal cavity, our skin and our gut lining create an ink feast activity of our immune system.

What Immune System Does When Detoxifying

Let’s kind of switch gears a little bit and talk a little bit about the immune system.

Immune system is designed to protect and fend off toxins, bacteria, and viruses. It’s triggered, then it’s supposed to resolve by completely bringing the body back to homeostasis.

We get an infection and our body brings up heat by having fever and all kinds of aches and pains. And then it’s supposed to come back down to that level of baseline homeostasis.

But when the toxins keep entering our system and the immune system begins to fail by leaving debris of our own cellular, metabolic waste is not able to properly clean up everything. Then the adaptive immune system kicks in to clean that out of our body and this perpetuation. And this problem is that now, it’s confusing our own cells causing autoimmunity with the toxins.

Our bodies are not able to differentiate from external toxins with our own cells. This is a failure to create complete resolution of infective agents by our primary immune response.

Now we have what’s called the adaptive immune response, and that goes on for a while. As it weakens and perpetuates, the system breaks down to really confuse it with our own cells and the toxins.

And it’s when it starts to turn against our own DNA, then that’s what we call the autoimmunity.

Eliminating Toxins In Our Body

Logically, we want to decrease inflammation, seal the leaky gut and improve the biotransformation. This is called the intermediary for elimination. Lastly, enhance our liver and kidney function, those are two main detox organs to enhance its function.

For our bodies to properly eliminate toxins out of our bodies, we have to convert what’s very highly volatile compounds into something more neutral in order for it to be processed by our kidneys and our liver. Many autoimmune patients, complain of foggy brain, pain, and fatigue for this reason. These are all signs and symptoms of metabolic insufficiency.

Metabolism and detoxification ultimately go hand in hand.

Why Metabolism Is Important

Let’s now talk about the metabolism.

Metabolism is essential for life. It’s the process of biotransformation in the body to produce energy for all body functions. It ncludes our muscles, brain, heart, and all the organs.

In order for the metabolism to be efficient and effective, it needs fuel in the way of food. But it needs proper composition of specific amino acids.

Due to the permeability in our gut immune dysregulation, metabolic insufficiency and improper detoxification pathways, we’re not able to properly function.

This can pose a threat to our health, longevity and wellness in just about all systems in our body.

Medications Alone Don’t Fix Us

With the medical system wanting to treat us with medications, it further creates a biochemical imbalance, insufficient metabolism, and of course, detoxification.

For one thing, it’s not what mother nature intended to have an influx of medications to fix because we all know it doesn’t fix. Medications don’t fix or heal.

We know that meds have an irreversible consequence to our natural physiology. It can be devastating, not in short term, but long-term.

When we’re looking at our lives with autoimmunity, we want to look at the long-term health of our body systems.

While medications might temporarily fix or decrease the symptoms, it’s important to know that it’s got long, irreversible consequences that shuts on and off our physiology to get us further away from homeostasis. This is an important factor to remember.

Metabolism Affects Our Weight

Remember, if our metabolism goes down, what happens is we gain weight and we have lots of inflammation.

Lots of times I’ve gained weight before due to inflammatory reactions in my body. When my kidneys failed, I gained probably 15 pounds within a week and a half because of the Edema.

Increase in toxicity, not enough detoxification, and insufficient nutrients coming to me to support me was a real issue that I was struggling with. That’s why I found that detoxification is an important thing to consider in your overall holistic healing to your autoimmunity.

Deeper Concept of Detoxification

Detoxification in the body really at the end of the day requires sufficient amounts of nutrients.

If you understood how our body systems work, detoxification is nothing other than having enough nutrients as co-factors to drive the biochemistry forward. It’s a lot of biochemical reactions in the body to produce energy.

Any toxins may become very volatile. In order for it to be removed out of our bodies, it has to be neutralized. But what happens with our autoimmune patients? We don’t have enough nutrients. We’re malnourished, and we become subject to lots of toxins infiltrating our body, lots of bacteria.

We have a lot of issues with dysbiosis. That means we’ve got an imbalance of the good and the bad bacteria. Specifically, we look to our gut, but also a lot of people end up having some low-grade inflammation. We’re always fighting off some bug.

So, what do the doctors do? Keep giving us medication over medication, everything to keep everything under control. But remember what I said with the medications. It has irreversible consequences in our body.

Understanding this, I’m always about at the end of the day, at the root cause. What can I address in the most effective way possible to help my body?

It can be healthy to provide me with energy and brain sustenance to think clearly, and improve my intelligence or retain my intelligence enough so that I can function in day to day. Well, that’s really what we all want.

Know What Diet Works For You

These days, a lot of patients come to me about keto diets, intermittent fasting. There’s a plant-based diets, as well as AIP, and autoimmune protocol, which are all based on paleo principles.

While some of them help, we have to look at the overall picture and know exactly where you are.

Some ketogenic diets are really well for certain autoimmune patients. While in others, it was creating so much disruptions in their health that they were getting sicker on these diets.

We want to get to a point where our body can tolerate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, primarily in the whole spectrum of the rainbows.

If you’re starting out, what makes more sense is getting clear on the detox pathways. Get rid of all the inflammatory foods in your diet. That’s done by the elimination diet. It’s super helpful when we’re able to take supplements and medical foods that allow our guts to heal.

Diet Alone Is Not Enough

When we’re working with the diet alone, it’s impossible to eat a hundred percent clean and to really replenish with your body, with all the things that it needs to really be healing your body at the cellular level.

We know that we’ve got gut permeability issues as autoimmune patients that we want to make sure that we’re getting all the nourishment that we need.

That means, remember what I said about neutralizing the toxins, the volatile toxins, to get it out of your body. You’re going to need some nutritional support.

It’s Not Just About Eating Healthy

Sometimes, starting with the foods is not the best way. It’s one way to heal, but providing our body with ample amount of nutrients so that our metabolism and detoxification are supported to drive the toxins out is the ultimate goal.

Like I said, food alone is not all of it.

We must also detox from our thoughts, which would require us to look at the toxic relationships and certain perpetuating factors in your life. We all know that stress can perpetuate your leaky gut.

So even if you’re eating a clean diet and I have many patients who do that, there’s some underlying beliefs and there’s perpetuating factors in their lives.

Even if their relationships are amazing, there’s the underlying factors that haunts you. And usually it’s based in past. There’s a lot of psychosomatic stress that perpetuates itself in the way of our thoughts and creating the emotions.

That’s become so hard ingrained as habits that unless we’re looking at those things in conjunction with the foods and exercising and meditating, it’s hard to really fix the overall whole beings that we are right.

The Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity

From healing mindset, stress management, diet supplements, detox, metabolism, movement, meditation, accountability, and support, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the thing. What I can promise you is from the Eastern philosophies of medicine and Western conventional medicine, we need both. It’s like yin to the yang. I’ve explored all areas out of my personal need because not one discipline provided me with the answers. Functional medicine isn’t all of it. Either. I want it to embrace more of the movement and more meditation. I needed more guidance, but what I really needed was a correct mindset to know I can and do this. Sometimes we need inspiration. We need motivation. It’s something we have to generate from within.

I’m a big believer that healing is an inside job. No matter how good I am as a practitioner, I can’t help you move the ball forward on this.

I’m a 20 year veteran in healing for my body from autoimmunity. I’m confident that I can save you time. I can save you money and frustration of piece healing. All the confusing information out there to try to apply it in your lives. You must simplify to amplify. Take massive action and disrupt your thinking to not only survive your condition, but thrive.

Use the autoimmunity as a catalyst to reach higher potential for your life health and everything else in between, because it’s absolutely possible. And I want to provide you with a free consult.

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