The Most Important Ingredients For Healing Autoimmunity

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Hey everybody. It’s Dr. Connie Jeon. Welcome to our Mind Your Health Show blog for autoimmunity. I want you to know that I really appreciate you. I’m in full gratitude for my ability to serve as many of you as possible. 

Also, I want to make sure you understand that under the circumstances right now, there’s a lot of fear, sickness, and anxiety. I just want to make sure that you are in a healthy state of being. Remember, how we change our being is by changing our thoughts. 

Above all, today’s topic is all about the most important ingredient in healing. Most of you think doing a little differently and doing a little bit more every year is going to get you to the results.

Stop the Negativity

We changed our diet and supplements, see the doctor for answers or get massages. We do all these things, but we never really sit down in silence to go tune inward and to figure out exactly why we are where we are. 

A lot of times we never really think about all the things that we’re thankful for. Instead, we focus on the thing that’s wrong in our lives. Then we fear what’s coming, even though it might not. But the more you think and the more you feel in that direction, energy expands where your attention goes. So inadvertently, we ended up manifesting the exact thing we don’t want to happen. 

Healing Starts From the Inside

So that’s exactly what I want to help you to avoid. With that in mind, I want to let you know that healing requires you to understand that healing is an inside job.

It requires you to have an inner awakening and inner knowing. How you get there is in silence. You see, we have so many thoughts a day – so many horizontal thoughts. One thought leads to another. For example, you might think, “Oh my goodness, I have a painful knee,” “I might have a flare,” “What if I have arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis?” “What if I’m going to need to take Celebrex and what are the side effects?”

Do you see how a little knee pain became all the drama? That’s how human brains operate. We tend to make drama, and that’s called the horizontal line of thought. One thought leads to another, and another. That’s why dramas, movies, and depictions of all these things are so popular. 

That’s when I want you to really nip it in the bud. Go in silence. Know where you are right here right now. Everything is fine. Everything always has been, is now, and will be just okay.

This is what I teach in my Auto-immune Methodology for autoimmunity. The transformational year-long program is STD (surrender, trust, don’t doubt). Because this universe or God is intent on helping us no matter what. The universe is always being directed by our thoughts. But it requires us to have this intention. That’s what brings our willingness, focus, and commitment to something.

Believe and It Will Happen

I believe I will heal. Then from that place of knowing, I enlist my will to do whatever it is I need to do in order to heal. I know that I will heal. In fact, I’m already healed. 

Avoid negative thoughts. All the things, without us, even knowing it, that’s exactly what we are creating. So we really have to nip it. Silence is super important. It’s one of the methodologies. It’s the fourth element called ancient wisdom, where we practice yoga. But it’s healing yoga, not about contorting your body. 

The second pillar of ancient wisdom is meditation and silence. That’s where we focus our energy in silencing our monkey brain with its tendency to go off the deep end, always creating problems after problems. We’ve all been there. It’s this incessant negative thought that loops over and over again. We need to stop knowing that intent in the world. It’s the energy of the world that we can command. The intent is always there to help us. It’s just that our intention inadvertently tends to be one that is powerless. 

I need you to step into power and set a strong intention. Focus on what you want versus what you don’t want. Then from that place of commitment, focus, and faith, you want to practice your will to make it happen no matter what. It’s as good as done. You’re already healed and believe it so much. If you don’t believe it, say it. Shift your thoughts until it becomes a natural thing.

So I advise you to select three key values of being. My three values are fearless, self-integrity, and commitment. Those are the three values that I live by every single day. I remind myself the moment my thoughts go into monkey mode and thinking of all the negative thoughts, I start to redirect them to understand that there’s a roof over my head. We have good food on the table. I have a business that’s thriving. I have health. My kids are sound, healthy, and have all the support that I need and want. What’s there to fear? 

Leverage Your Mindset

I’m so thankful for all the blessings in my life. Once I shift in that direction, I’m able to let go. But it doesn’t just stop and happen in my thoughts. I have to sit in silence, take a breath, reconnect and zap my monkey brain from the loop that it’s on. Because it’s like being on a hamster wheel. It’s crazy to think negative thoughts like they’re never going to end. 

Many of you have been there where it feels like you’re going out of control, you’re having anxiety attacks and you don’t know how to stop it. You keep overthinking, and before you know it, you’re not even sure. But this is where you are contrary to where you might be. 

Some of you might be hurting. Some of you guys might be going through some struggles – relationship-wise, health-wise, or finances-wise. Stop and trust that all things will work for your benefit in ways. Believe that you will heal. As long as you’re able to redirect your intent, set your intention, and practice will in your life with full surrender. Trust, stop doubting, have confidence, and live up to the values of healing behavior. Have gratitude. Keep the belief and understanding that healing requires a sound mind to direct your focus and attention towards the thing that you want versus the thing you don’t want. 

Don’t make the mistake of just constantly cycling in the negativity and the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). You need to make a stop to make sure that you can leverage. Leverage the power of the mind to begin to heal. Because when you think powerful thoughts, something happens in your body. It shifts from an acidic state to an alkaline state. Powerless is very acidic and stressful. While powerful is very empowering and alkalizing, and your cells are thriving.

That’s where the healing happens. Remember, your body is designed to heal. It knows exactly what to do. We just have to provide the right conditions to make sure that it has everything it needs to heal. 

So with that in mind, I want you to practice healing from the inside out, never buying all the things that you do. That’s not where it belongs. You have to work on the foundational belief, check your thoughts, and master your mind. That’s why I called this blog Mind Your Health. There’s so much more you can uncover. And we have a specific step-by-step system called the Alkaline Method™, where I teach you how to have an inner awakening experience with the three-step process. As well as to understand how you’ll have outer manifestation. 

Collectively those two are transformational self-healing journeys. Then we apply modern medicine to try different diets, supplements, and herbals that we’re used to being given. Next is the ancient wisdom to go back to yoga, the breath. As well as eliciting the energy and being empowered to make shifts on our own terms to create the health and life of our dreams. That’s possible for you and me as long as we don’t keep leaking our power. 

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Spread the word and share this message. Healing is an inside job. There is nobody else that can do the healing for you. Healing is all about the beings. Always remember how powerful you are, and always be careful of your thoughts.

I hope you stay safe and healthy. Thank you so much for joining me today, and I’ll see you guys all soon. Bye for now!

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