Secrets for Living Successfully with Lupus in 2020

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My 20 years as a Lupus patient has allowed me to grow in ways I never could have imagined.  

While I don’t wish Lupus on anyone, it’s really been my saving grace. I say this because it’s forced me to evolve and become a better human being.  

Having Lupus has opened my eyes to the limits of the conventional medical system and forced me to dig deeper into creating a meaningful life as a Lupus Rebel.

I’ve searched for answers in becoming a thriving Lupus patient and rather than arriving at a destination, I continue to realize that healing is a journey.

If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t, you’re right.  

From the time we’re diagnosed, we are taught that Lupus is an incurable disease.  It mimics so many different diseases that even our Doctors are baffled at our symptoms.  

When you’re first diagnosed, Lupus may make you super sick or just mildly sick.  Lupus affects us all differently because we are all unique in our genetic makeup, lifestyle, stress levels, resources, etc.  

My 20 years as a clinician taught me that the most important thing in beating this disease is the mindset of the patient.  If they are committed to getting better and healing, they usually do. 

This is because when you think you can, then you summon up the feelings of determination and courage to take action to produce the results you want.  

You can’t help but to be healthier because of Lupus.  I can honestly say that I am much healthier today than I was 20 years ago because I decided to own my thoughts by thinking in a way that produces positive results.

Don’t Rely on the Sickcare System to Get You Healthy

Doctors treat disease.  Understand that our Rheumatologists and various physicians that we get shuffled to are looking to treat our disease.  Their only context is pathology and medications for that pathology.  

Understanding their role will help you to navigate the healthcare system.  

They don’t believe in lifestyle medicine.  They believe you’re sick and they want to treat you as their patient, because to them, you will always be a patient.  

Healing is an inside job.  You have Lupus, so what are you going to do about it? 

Will you give your power away by believing it’s an incurable disease and doing exactly what you’re expected to do?  Take meds on time, return for check ups, and depend on your doctor for the next steps?  

I refused to take a passive role and decided that I’d take an active role in doing everything that I could to affect a change in the course of my disease.  I changed the way I ate, exercised, managed my stress, and took self care seriously.  

Only then did my body become my own to take care of.  

Toughen your mind, body, and spirit.  You essentially need to become stronger than Lupus. 

Doing so requires discipline, grit, and commitment to shift your body from sickness to health.  

I had to study myself to understand my operating system.  I tended to have a self loathing tendency and Lupus initially made this worse by making me feel broken.  

All my thoughts about Lupus needed to be cleaned. But before I did that, I had to learn that all my beliefs were programmed from a very young age. 

I needed to challenge my beliefs and change my thoughts to help me shift my thinking about Lupus.  

I felt empowered and only then was I able to follow through with learning Yoga, practicing meditation, and eating healthy.  

Alkaline Method: Self Healing Model

I want to introduce you to a model I adapted from life coach, Brooke Castillo.

We all have a model by which we live our lives.  Most of us live our lives habitually, never questioning the way we think and behave.  

While we have no way to directly control our circumstance, we absolutely have the power to change what we THINK about our circumstance, which influences how we FEEL, which leads to the ACTION we take to create RESULTS.  

So a Lupus diagnosis is a circumstance, it’s neither good nor bad. It just is. 

While we can’t control the fact that we were diagnosed, we do have control and power over the way we think about the diagnosis.  So see how this plays out.  

This situation can play out for you OR you can change your thoughts to create a different result.

Notice how the circumstance is the same in both scenarios.

But by changing your thoughts, you can change your feelings and actions to create a whole new result for your life.

What You Eat Matters

You probably know the old saying “you are what you eat.”

But I’d like you to change that to “you are what you digest.”

What does this mean?  Lupus patients all have an issue with assimilation and absorption due to leaky gut. This means we don’t absorb what we need from our foods.

Rather, we tend to absorb toxins and bacteria which circulate in our bodies, preventing nourishing vitamins and minerals from being absorbed.  

We become chronically malnourished while the bad guys like bacteria, yeast, and toxins flourish within.  We need to fix this.  

The answer isn’t to indulge in the foods that we have always eaten.  It’s time to clean house and help our bodies detoxify.  

I like using the car analogy.  Imagine you have a new luxury car, like a new BMW, which only takes high octane gas.  But because you didn’t know better, you gave it diesel fuel.  

Over time, you notice the car is not functioning properly, makes noise, and is slow to run.  So you decide to change the fuel you put in from diesel to high octane.  

Even though you made this change, the car still runs slow because you didn’t clean out all the junk and gunk that’s accumulated in the oil, filter, tank, etc.  

Healthy eating means figuring out what foods are good for YOU.  What works for you may not be a solution for me because we are different.  

As a rule of thumb, in a perfect world, we place our patients on a comprehensive detox protocol to start clean slate and get rid of all the junk that’s built up.

Then we’ll figure out what your body needs.

You’ll first learn to eliminate all toxic, inflammatory foods from your diet and then add back only the foods that you know work for you.  

Learn to Feel Your Feelings

Most of us don’t know how to feel. We can’t even name our feelings, which is the first step in observing how and what we feel.  

When we do feel and it’s negative, we all try so hard to repress and avoid these feelings at all cost.  These undigested feelings can reside in our bodies for so long, creating a tendency within us to identify with such negative feelings in our efforts to avoid them.  

These feelings become our driving force for all that we do.  Many Lupus patients have traumatic pasts that we have not learned to let go of.

We can only evolve through feeling our emotions when we create space for ourselves to feel both negative and positive feelings, because life throws both at us.  

Problem is when we avoid feeling our feelings, they become the very force that drives all our behaviors. 

It is worth our time to become aware of this so we can change those negative thoughts which create negative feelings.

Metabolize Your Feelings

Let’s come back to our self healing model for a moment. Remember, circumstances are neutral events in life we have no control over in the moment.

It’s our thoughts about such circumstances that create our feelings, which then promotes action toward or action against creating the result that we want.  

Once we recognize that we must feel our feelings and create space for them, then we can be liberated from our crazy thoughts and realize we have the power to create the very lives we want to experience.  

Evolve to become the best version of you.  

Once you learn the self healing model and become empowered to create your outcome or results, you then recognize how your limited beliefs created thoughts that kept you from moving toward what you want.  

We ALL have the power to create exactly what our future looks like, which includes healing.  

You just haven’t tapped into your own power. Once you tap into this power, you can show up as your best self, making a contribution in this world to make it better than the way you found it.  

Self Love is Non Negotiable

The destination should always be toward self love.  You can only give love when you love yourself.  

Without self love, you will drive or sabotage yourself until you are sick.  

Think back and observe your thought patterns. Make sure that you are putting yourself first and honoring yourself through these hard times with Lupus.  

Being human is a common experience we all share. And as Lupus patients, we have another layer of understanding that connects us in ways nobody else can understand unless you live with this unique condition.  

I see all of you, I understand you, and I want to create space for those of you who want to join my tribe where we can connect to lift each other up and begin the healing journey together with the commitment to heal no matter what.  

Are you in?  

Click here to join me for a webinar where I share three secrets on how to live successfully with Lupus.  

Thank you again for tuning in.

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