Top 5 Lupus Hair Loss Tips

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Hair loss was the most devastating thing for me in my struggle with Lupus.

I’ve always enjoyed, long, healthy locks and to lose my hair in patches as a young woman was more than I could handle.

At the onset of my Lupus, I had mysterious symptoms including severe fatigue, rash, weakness, nausea, weight loss, and hair loss.

It started as clumps of hair falling out and my thick shiny hair became thin, lifeless, and sparse on my scalp. Eventually, I had bald spots the size of a ritz cracker.

It made me feel like I was dying.  My hair follicles were becoming frail, weak, and lifeless.

All that was offered to me from the Doctors were corticosteroids. I knew corticosteroids had many side effects, which included hair loss and thinning of the hair.

I didn’t want that.

Looks Are Important

I had to figure out a way to get my hair back, then I’d figure out how to recover my health.

You see, as a young woman in her 20’s, it was much more important to me to look normal than be healthy.  Of course I wanted to be healthy, but I wanted to look normal first.

I was a naive, vain young woman who struggled with self confidence, body image issues, and relied so much on the opinions of other people.

My personal bar was set high and I believed if I didn’t possess certain conditions that I set for myself, my self worth declined.

I became clinically depressed and there was nothing anybody could do or say to make me feel better.

So for those of you struggling with an acute set of symptoms from Lupus or other autoimmune conditions, please take note, it does pass.

My motivation to get my hair back was high, so I researched and read everything that could potentially help recover my hair.

Here’s what worked:

1. Change your diet

Start by eliminating potentially inflammatory foods.  I created a general elimination diet guide for free, or if you want a more step by step guide, you can purchase for just $7 here.

2. Fix your leaky gut

This is done by taking necessary supplements, especially probiotics, immunoglobulins, fish oil, and a good quality multivitamin. You can find all of these products at our Lupus Farmacy.

If you want a step by step plan to heal your leaky gut once and for all, you can consider the Alkaline Detox Protocol, which is changing the lives of so many.

3. Take specific supplements

Supplements that will help your hair grow back. Our Lupus Beauty Protocol and Lupus Hair supplements have worked wonders for my hair and they can help you too!

4. Manage your stress

By meditating, practicing Yoga, or simply take long slow breathes.

5. Begin your day with lemon water

As soon as you wake up, squeeze a 1/2 lemon and add 12-16 oz of room temp water. Drink first thing in the morning.  This will help to alkalize your body every single day.

Be patient with the process, and believe that your hair will grow back.

When my hair was falling out, I was so fearful that my lupus hair loss and bald spots were permanent.

I get lots of questions about the regrowth on my blog.  It does grow back in due time.  But you’ve got to do your part and put in the effort.

The difference between those who heal from Lupus and those who constantly struggle is their perception and beliefs about the disease.

If you identify with Lupus and it becomes who you are, then I found there’s no way to change that.

But I’m calling on those who dare to believe differently.  Lupus is a condition that requires faith, effort, belief and courage.  If you need inspiration, read our mindset blog.

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See you next week!

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