The Difference Between Treatment and Cure

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In the light of current events, what’s happened in Hawaii is unfortunate.  They received a false missile alarm that went out on TV, radio, and mobile phones, and it sent the whole state into a panic.

The people of Hawaii described the emotional turmoil as impending inevitable unknown, including potential and likely death.

They were forced to get their affairs in order under such short notice, and I can’t imagine what that was like.

It reminded me of my diagnosis with Lupus.  I did not fear Lupus so much, as I feared what my life meant for me going forward.  Will I live, die, be disabled….?

When faced with the shock of a disease, something happens within that I can’t explain.

Your whole world is rocked upside down, and the aftermath of getting your affairs in order is one that I’m not sure ever took place for me.

Everything changes: your relationships, habits, personality, outlook, actions, and most importantly, your identity.

I know many of you have an intimate understanding of such events in your life, whether it’s a divorce, illness, loss of a loved one, or even a loss of your job.

We are significantly impacted by those factors that are completely out of our control.

So I ponder the state of healthcare today and what you need to know to navigate the so-called “healthcare system” to fight for your health.

The Difference Between Treatment and Cure

Before we begin, I feel we need to clearly define what a cure is vs. treatment.

A cure is the end of a medical condition; it’s the state of being healed from a disease.

Treatment is a continued dose of medications or other medical interventions that are used to keep the “symptoms” under control.

Whether you live with a chronic illness or take medications for adverse symptoms, I felt you needed to understand the difference.

Challenging the System

Often, I feel the conventional ways of the medical system aren’t easily challenged.

I understand so intimately the amount of school work and training that is required to receive a Medical Degree today.

It’s hard to refute against a school of thought that is so pervasive to our culture today.

What I do feel strongly about is that as a patient, we need to begin to make informed decisions on the treatment we agree to receive.

Understanding the risks, benefits, and the cost from all sides will shed some light on what option is the best for you.

Easiest way is through complacency.  The old ways of doing things are easy to accept for most of us, and it’s hard making a change because our primitive nature is in keeping status quo.

So with growing body of information and “noise” that we are subject to daily, it’s getting harder and harder to sift through the nonsense to get to the heart of the matter.

Take Action

There is a clear road map of why, what, and how to live our lives to protect, maintain, and prevent illnesses that can potentially harm us.

To do nothing is no longer an option.  We do live in a toxic world and there’s too many of you who are struggling with symptoms that you hope will go away, but they simply don’t.

I encourage you not to wait until your health is uncontrollable, and at the mercy of a system in which we only have “treatments”.

Treatments that are designed to treat for profit, not cure.

The underlying systemic infrastructure of the medical system is such that diseases are accepted as part of life.

But I encourage you to take control of your health because it’s far better having control than to be at the mercy of a system that can only supply treatment.

With that said, we’ve been working hard to create a simple, easy to follow, step by step membership program where I share lifestyle secrets that you can use daily in a sequential manner that will help you begin to gain control of your health.

It’s the Alkaline Health Membership for those of you who are seeking a simple way to learn how to improve your health by knowing exactly what to eat, how to prepare your food, calm your nerves, improve energy, and exercise.

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The price of membership is essentially free as the discounts on the supplements alone will make up the cost of membership.

It’s designed with you in mind and with my passion to empower each one of you to take full control over your health and embark on the journey to “Destination Health”.

Thanks for joining me today.

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