What treatments for Lupus will be offered by your Doctor?

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Treatments for Lupus

Treatments for Lupus can vary.  However, the typical treatments that will be offered by your doctor will likely be various types of medications and infusions and they don’t typically offer holistic treatments and remedies that may help to help your body heal.

While there is no known cure for Lupus, I can confidently tell you that you can drastically improve your trajectory with Lupus by taking action everyday to help your body fend off the toxic effects of the medications that you’re taking.

How can you treat the symptoms of Lupus?

With growing evidence linking foods with the disease, it’s hard to understand how that directly impacts the severity of our disease but I can personally attest to the power of not just foods but nourishment on our health.

I’ve tried everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Various Diets including Macrobiotics, and Functional Medicine.  

I’ve gotten an intimate understanding of my illness and applied the aforementioned treatments and here’s what it boils down to.

We need to establish “BALANCE” in our bodies but it’s not just about eating the right foods or exercising and meditating our disease away.

Our bodies are much more intelligent and complex.  After 19 years of fighting for my health, I’ve mastered how to ‘REBEL” against the conventional beliefs about Lupus and really, any disease.  

It’s an art to master your own body and command it to comply.  

How Do You Master Your Body and Health?

The Alkaline Method is what I’ve personally implemented in my life as well as applied it in my practice to thousands of my patients.  At the core, all diseases are the result of “IMBALANCE” in our bodies.  They present differently for different people so rather than digging deep into each disease, I’ve learned that the art is in looking at our disease differently by focusing on “creating health”.

There are three key components to establishing optimal health:

  1. Brain Health
  2. Gut Health
  3. Physical Health 

If you can create balance in the above key components, your body will reset and regain its health.  

So where do you start?  The best place to start I feel is Brain Health.  It’s important to note that no matter where you are in your healing journey unless there is a willingness and the discipline to change, no amount of will power or knowledge will help.  Why?  Because you will resist at the first sign of an obstacle.

And, our most primal part of our brain, reptilian brain, tries to keep us safe by resisting change. Any hint of change from our normal environment creates a dissonance within us that strives to keep status quo whether the status quo is serving our best interest or not.  

This is why most of the struggle to change our behaviors even though our current behavior may not be the best for our lives.  It is when we are pushed to make the change due to impending life threat and/or a life changing experience such as divorce, getting sick, or moving that we realize that we can no longer maintain the status quo, therefore we are forced to make changes.  

But you know as well as I that once our disease subsides and we are in remission, we quickly forget how sick we’ve been.  We revert back to our old habits without a second thought the moment we are feeling better.  It is this awareness and the willingness to change that we can finally make lasting changes.  

Living with Lupus is hard and affects every facet of our lives.  It changes our relationships, social and professional ability, and our personal identity.  So we must strive together to stay strong to keep our eyes on the goal, but again, it’s much easier said than done because Lupus tends to zap the motivation from us.  

Solution?  It requires effort, discipline, and resilience to withstand the obstacles of Lupus and take action that gets us closer to our goals every day.  

Every step you take should be forward, no matter how small of a step, and focus on the long-term goal rather than being distracted by the daily fluctuations and challenges that Lupus tends to throw at us.  

Keeping a long term vision is hard by yourself so I encourage you to like us on Facebook or join our private Facebook group where we share and support one another daily to get us through and stay strong.  

Until next time, hold up your beautiful head and let’s take on the world, one step at a time.  

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