Beauty Truly Comes From Learning to Love Yourself

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Hi everyone, Dr. Connie here. I hope you’re all well.

On Monday I got to witness the solar eclipse with my family. We actually took a trip up to North Georgia to view the full eclipse, and boy was it amazing!

Unfortunately, we sat in traffic for 4 hours to get back home, and during this time it occurred to me that I used to never agree to do things just for the sake of doing things.

I’m used to sitting back, given any opportunity for an outing with my kids or family. I’d find an excuse to stay back and secretly be content and relieved to be out of the sun.

But a while back, I began to experiment. I experimented with sun exposure.

For those of you who don’t know, Lupus and the sun don’t mix well.  Our doctors tell us to stay away from the sun.

I lived in fear for years; tinting my car windows and wearing hats and clothing to cover every surface area of my body.

It was comical, and my friends didn’t understand why I was so neurotic, but I really feared the sun.

At the onset of my Lupus, I was in my 20’s, and it began with a rash, fatigue, and hair loss.

In truth, I can deal with the fatigue, but I couldn’t deal with the rash and the hair loss.

Rather, I feared this disease more for its physical deformities than for its impact on my health.

Health was something I never had to worry about. I was more concerned about looking good because I attributed looking good to feeling good.

It wasn’t until I was struck with Lupus that I discovered the importance of health.

Even to this day, it’s extremely important to me that I look good.  I refuse to “look” sick even if I feel awful.

I see this play out in my female patients and friends as well.

Somehow we are programmed to think that our worth is tied to beauty.  I don’t know how I feel about that, but for the first time, I realize it was what drove my behavior in the past, as well as today.

Somehow we feel naked without makeup, we need to have our hair just right to feel worthy, and oh the clothes we wear…..they have to flatter our every curve or cover up the curves we don’t like as much, whatever the case may be.

What Is True Beauty?

Everyone perceives their beauty in their own head.

I have the most beautiful patients and friends willingly signing up for laser treatments or plastic surgery to fix whatever they “perceive” to be a flaw, when they are beautiful just as they are.

But nobody is perfect; I am right there with you!  I am so vain and I know that I connect my self worth to looking good first and foremost before everything else.

It’s truly what drives our behavior, if you are brave enough to admit it.

As I get older though, I realize beauty is so much deeper than the skin.

Your beauty shines through when you’re confident in your own skin and don’t need any coverups, like makeup.

I want you to know that true beauty starts from the inside.

It starts with honoring and loving yourself first and foremost to begin investing in who you are.

This does much more for us than the temporary coverups, like a hairdo, perfect nails, or makeup.

Once you can tie your self-worth to who you truly are, then your beauty will shine through.

I hope that this message finds you well because it is something that I finally understand.

Thanks for joining me this week. Talk soon.

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