Trusting Yourself

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So often, trusting ourselves is the thing we always forget as autoimmune patients. I think we look to external factors as if there’s some big solution outside of us that will heal us.

A Recent Discovery

I want to sort of have you think a little bit differently about the condition that you have. Before I do, I want to share a recent experience. I just got back from California. It was a learning experience, it was a very in-depth training about the inner journey. About understanding who you serve as the foundation of anything you build. In my case, it was my business.

So it was a business mastery, coaching type of transformative week. I spent the week with a bunch of natural spirits and soul-centered entrepreneurs from all over the world. And it was the most humbling experience. Not because of all the people there, but it was a step into learning who I was from the inside-out.

How We Shield Ourselves

When changing and evolving, there’s a struggle to tune out external “noise”. Noise coming in to influence my thoughts. I’m getting more into trusting myself. Recently, I’ve been reading many books on nutrition, diet, health, and wellness. Different theoretical forms coming together to dictate a new dogma, if you will.

And I met somebody who is a health coach at this event, and she was so focused on Keto diet. To my knowledge, it was more paleo, but she was like, “No, no, no! Paleo is a no go.” Her ideas with Keto were so strong. I saw that there was no penetrating her trusting system in what was suitable for her.

And so I got to thinking about situations in which we shield ourselves in that way. And I know I do this too.

The Process of Trusting Myself

Sometimes, when my mom, my biggest influencer, tries to shake me up to doubt myself, I falter and catch myself going back to the little girl I once was with her as the power source for everything I did. And I did a lot to please my mom. So I’m just trying to break away those layers that I had to work through because I blamed and resented her for so long. And I didn’t even know why.

Now I own everything that I think, and I know that I’m an emotional creature. It’s just who I am. So as I explored and got to know myself, trusting myself a little more is what I’ve learned to do. And learning to trust yourself over the ideologies of others is a daunting process. For a long time, I was surrounded by everybody else’s ideologies so much so that I had learned so well to silence my inner voice and intuition.

So today’s topic in this blog post is all about trusting yourself. How exactly do you start trusting yourself? I picked this topic because many of my autoimmune patients often place themselves at the mercy of external things like diets, supplements treatments, etc. to help them recover from their illness.

Autoimmunity is NOT a Disease

Upon deeper dive, I find that many of my patients don’t consider what proper health means for them. They have an idea of what the standard is according to the world around them, but they don’t honestly know what it looks like or feels like for them. They say they want to reverse, heal from, or cure autoimmunity, but they realize that they have never really felt whole and healthy in the first place.

So for me, after 21 years as an autoimmune patient, I believe autoimmunity is not a disease. It’s a symptom of a deeper problem that is not commonly addressed. And doctors and experts are busy with all the “things” – all the things that they can DO for us. But “doing” is only the tip of the iceberg.

Step Into Your Power

Why? Because trusting in our power is what we need to achieve true healing. Most of us are only showing up to incorporate and integrate the learnings from our “mentors” and “experts”. But we can’t trust the miracles from other people to have an impact on us. We must make the miracles happen ourselves. We need to address the full depths of the person who has the symptoms, which perpetuates the disease.

So I’m asking you to please try to step into your power and trust what you’re doing. Just like I said, with my mom, I realize it’s no longer my mom who made me feel this way. She can’t MAKE me feel a certain way. She can’t make me do anything without my consent. My thoughts, feelings, and actions are always my choice. These days are all about whatever I’m in alignment with and what I’m allowing in my life.

Take Responsibility

For many of us, we are so busy blaming everybody else. We try a program and sometimes it doesn’t work. So we try another program. Maybe that one didn’t work either. So we blame the programs and so on and so on.

But rather than thinking of how to be free from the disease, how about if we ask ourselves a more powerful question. What if we ask WHY we have the autoimmune symptoms in the first place. Rather than owning the identity as an autoimmune patient, we ask why do we have the symptoms, and think about the lessons we can learn from having these symptoms.

YOU Are The Answer To Your Problems

Because at the end of the day, I genuinely know that you are the solution to your problems. And self-empowerment is where the answer lies. It’s time you find the inner power to shift your body, mind, and soul. For so long, I have been searching for the one thing that would shift my health and my life.

And I needed that thing to be scientific and evidence-based. I needed things to be tangible, as if something specific was wrong with me, but there was nothing wrong with me. It’s just that I wasn’t trusting myself and my inner guidance system. I chose to silence it for so long that I lived in malalignment, causing me to be sick. And since my diagnosis of lupus 21 years ago, I believe I’ve been living in fear without really understanding myself or even the diagnosis, and it’s impacted my life.

So I feel I’m uniquely qualified to discuss the potential perils of living with autoimmunity simply because I’ve been through the worst downsides of the disease, from alopecia fatigue, rash, weight loss, weight gain, nephritis, debilitating pain, anemia, and food sensitivities, and many gut issues.

Autoimmunity Taught Me Lessons

My autoimmune disease has left me with a wide array of experiences. And I also experienced firsthand the conventional medical system and realized it was not a long-term solution for me. Would I want this for anyone who I cared about? Absolutely not. Was it easy it leave the system and overcome my disease? Absolutely not.

These were the most challenging times of my life, but the actual lesson I discovered was that control is an illusion. All my life I’ve been a control freak. I finally made the decision that I had to let go of this.

You see, from being separated at an early age from my parents when I was seven to eight years old, I have recently uncovered my fear of abandonment. I’m not the typical needy type of person, but I preoccupy myself with productive endeavors and perfectionism to benefit the other person so that I never have to show you my weakness.

Hiding My Weakness

My self-worth mainly relied on the external. If I looked the part, I was good. As long as you didn’t know, all was fine. But the truth was that I was a hot mess on the inside. This was the exact thing that was breaking me down on the inside. I’ve also come to realize that I have patterns that I display in my relationships with other people. I refrain from showing my weaknesses. And a lot of the time, this has a lot of emotional components to it.

In my mind, the weaknesses are demonstrated by overwhelming emotions that I was taught not to feel because they are simply a waste of time. I would believe that I didn’t have time to cry. I didn’t have time to indulge in my emotions that were frowned upon by my dad.

We Are The Author Of Our Lives

I was taught to be a big girl and keep moving forward. Do the next best thing, because that’s all we had time to do. But the older I got, the more I realized that digesting emotions is just as important as digesting food, for example. It’s necessary for us to process our emotions. So then the next question I started to ask myself was, “what causes us to have these emotions?” Well, then I got deep into the idea that it’s our thoughts that trigger our emotions.

And it’s our emotions that drive us to take action – like to eat healthy foods or junk foods, for example. Or to go exercise or not exercise, meditate or not meditate. I realized it’s my actions that are creating the results in my life. So I sat with that. I realized, “Oh my goodness! I am creating everything in my life.” So if you’ve been like me, chances are you are searching for answers to your problems in all the wrong places. But you’ve finally come to the right place.

Alkaline Methodology for Autoimmunity

I want you to be equipped with intelligent knowledge to rely on your inner, knowing (the gut instinct) and intuition that we’ve learned to ignore. And that’s why I created the Alkaline Methodology for Autoimmunity.

We have to do the deep foundational work first and focus on the PERSON with an autoimmune condition, because you’re not the problem. It’s finding your ability to be true to yourself. And that first step is trusting yourself in the inner awakening process where you become in true alignment with who you really are from the inside out, not basing your life on the external, living for the needs of other people, being liked, and feeling like you belong. You get to enjoy all that within you, realizing that you’re whole and happy and joyful just as you are. And you live in this complete gratitude for who you are, no matter what other people say.

And that’s stepping into the truth of who you are. This is the beginning of the journey that the Alkaline Methodology brings you on. So the first element of the Alkaline Methodology is the Inner Awakening, where you do a deep dive into subconscious reprogramming. Aka this is where you rewire the inner workings of your mind. This is where you peel back and discover all the conditioning and indoctrination you’ve experienced, especially when you were young. As you disintegrate from all of the trusting systems you held which kept you in a bubble, everything expands.

As you grow, you go into the second element, where it’s all about the Outer Manifestations of the shifts you’re making and the transformation you’re achieving. Once you have the foundational principles down and become more in alignment with your true self, you’ll notice that healing starts to happen automatically.

However, it’s an evolving process. We also have the Modern Medicine piece of the puzzle – the holistic medicine, alternative medicine, and all the dietary interventions that can amplify our healing. Now we blend who you truly are with the Modern Medicine piece to make everything more impactful.

Lastly, we dive into the Ancient Wisdom element of the Alkaline Methodology. This element is all about practicing yoga; it’s meditation with movement, metabolic energy moving throughout the body, and being mindful of your physical body to tune in, so that you can be the one to really read all the messages that your body is sending you, which for many of us we’ve been ignoring all our lives.

The Healing Journey

Healing is a process, but it’s a journey worth taking. And, when we look to others to determine what we should do, we’ve already failed to realize the most important ingredient. YOU are the most fundamental ingredient in your healing journey. You’re worthy, and you are so lovable. So the work is in you finding yourself so much that you come home to where you need to be to live out the true, authentic life you were meant to live. And it’s not one of sickness and limitations. It’s for you to contribute to the world.

So I welcome you on this journey to explore different elements of the Alkaline Methodology. All the psychoneuroimmunological impacts that our thoughts, feelings, and actions have to manifest, and the understanding that our mind is subject to our physicality.

The work is all about you gaining clarity in who you are. We have to set the foundation. Otherwise, you’ll always be a ship without a rudder. Going everywhere but never getting to the place you need to go. And that’s not what I want for you.

Start Your Healing Journey With Us

I would love to work with you. I encourage you to join me in our Self Empowered Healers Facebook group. It’s a group that I created for like-minded individuals. We’re very selective in the energy of the group and we who accept into the group. It’s for those who are serious about their healing journey. So if you’ve been searching and you know there’s not one dogmatic way to do things. There’s no one-size-fits-all diet. There’s no one size fits all medication. Then I encourage you to join me.

Know that you’re unique, and you’re powerful. If you’d like to uncover who you truly are through the autoimmune symptomologies, then this group is going to be something so great for you. If you’re going to heal, you’re going to recover. But more importantly, you’re going to expand to the potential of who you truly are.

If this is your first time on my blog, please subscribe to my podcast channel on iTunes and Spotify. You can leave us a review. It helps us spread the word, and feel free to share the podcast episodes with anybody who can benefit. Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day.

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