Lupus Q&A: Turmeric for Inflammation, Vitamins to Take, and Omnacortil

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Lupus Blog | 0 comments

Click on the video above to watch this week’s Lupus Q&A session. The questions and answers can be found below if you prefer to read 🙂

Jess English: I’m considering taking Turmeric for inflammation, is this a popular supplement?

It’s a popular supplement, but I usually like to recommend that you take Turmeric, which is sold as standardized curcumin. I would recommend 500 mg twice a day with Omega 3, 3 grams a day for a highly potent anti-inflammatory effect.

Christie Elias: What vitamins should I be taking daily while on Benlysta? Thanks.

Because it’s a safe assumption that all lupus patients have leaky gut, we want to be supporting our gut and decreasing inflammation at all times.

There is no known nutrient depletion with taking Benlysta. A comprehensive multivitamin, L-Glutamine, Omega 3 fish oil, Turmeric, and probiotic would be the essentials that I would recommend.

Thaarie Hnamte: Have anyone of you taken Omnacortil tablet during pregnancy? My Dr asked me to stop Hydrochloroquine and my nerve vitamin which I had been taking for Lupus before my pregnancy.

Omancortil is a generic prednisone. I personally wasn’t on any medications during pregnancy. I suppose he has you on it to keep your lupus under control. Plaquenil and prednisone are considered safe during pregnancy and I suppose your doctor had a good reason for taking you off of them.

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