How Understanding Our Human Tendencies Helps Us Heal

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Last week, I talked about truth vs facts.

As someone who lives with a chronic condition I understand the frustrations and the fear that often show up in our health journey.

I do think that health is really a long journey, rather than the destination, and the destination will change for every decade and phase of your life.


They say hard times really can break you or make you.  When riddled with a sickness that can be debilitating at times, the truth of who you are really shines through.

For me, everything I knew to be truth was no longer true.  Everything I was striving to be, my dreams, aspirations, and the possibilities were shattered over night by Lupus.

The transformation from a happy, healthy, vibrant, smart young woman to a helpless, sick, and hopeless young woman was so stark that it took a while for my friends and family to get used to.

My medical education didn’t serve me at all in times of need.

I was desperate for answers but no one could provide me with a satisfactory answer.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get away from the uncertainty of my disease. It was unsettling and its effect on me was harder to bear than the disease itself.

Seeing various doctors in white coats taking my vitals and extracting my blood made me feel less than human.

So today I’d like to say it like it is, and provide you with hope to let you know it’s absolutely ok.

I put out a lot of information online.

My goal isn’t to speak to you, rather, I’d like to share my experiences and learnings with you to empower and challenge you to make progress together.

Navigating the Online Space

There’s so much confounding information out there that is inherently contradictory.

Everyone has an argument on what diet, what supplement, what essential oil, or what cbd brand is best for this and that.

What I can tell you is that it’s not about the diet, it’s not about the supplements, it’s not about the medications, it’s not even about your symptoms or disease.

And it’s not about functional medicine, integrative medicine, holistic medicine, nutrition, paleo, keto, and whatever else.  Those are just a means to an end.

Understanding Human Nature

Without addressing the whole, we can’t address the parts.

Understanding our human tendencies to feel less than, feeling broken, helpless, hopeless, scared, and depressed need to be understood and addressed first and foremost.

As I sit in front of you, I want to let you know I don’t follow the perfect diet.  I don’t exercise everyday and sometimes, I forget lots of stuff.

I wake up in pain, so tired, and barely can get up to get my kids to school.

Between you and I, I struggle with feeling less than constantly.

I judge myself on not being a good mom, not wearing the perfect clothes, not being able to do more than I’m doing, and for yelling at my son this morning.

The struggle is real.

It’s real in the kitchen when I just don’t want to cook, and forget to drink water all day, and want to forget my day with a glass of wine.

We all have such moments, and I think it’s important to know that it’s normal to feel that way.

We are not perfect and our goals shouldn’t be to be perfect, but to be the best version of ourselves.

That sounds so theoretical but it’s really true.

It’s in showing up despite how you feel, in allowing ourselves space to feel good or bad, and holding judgements against ourselves that we begin to breathe and heal.

When constantly holding ourselves with a measuring stick of perfection and never feeling good enough because we don’t measure up to whatever unobtainable standard we set is when we further create acidity in our body.

Comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we constantly have to measure up is not really productive.

It’s in the gap between where we feel we “should” be and where we actually are that we paralyze ourselves.

But I want to let you know you have a choice to either A. continue to feel bad or B. change your mindset and shift into a positive mode of doing something about it.

It’s in cultivating self love, acceptance , and compassion toward ourselves that we begin to show up with commitment to ourselves.

So the next time you feel bad, rather than judging and berating yourself, I want to encourage you to observe your tendencies and let those feelings pass without judgement.

Keep doing that over and over and I promise you, you’ll no longer allow yourself to feel bad.

You’ll be able to shift your state from negative to positive and surprise yourself at just how much you are capable of.  I want to invite you to join me in your health transformation and allow me to guide you through this process.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know to become the expert of your own health and life.

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Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Talk soon.

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