What To Do When You’re Not Feeling Well

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Hi, everybody. Welcome to our Mind Your Health blog. Today’s topic is all about something that hits home probably with every single one of you. I know many people are going through lots of things right now. I’m hearing more and more of my patients, colleagues, friends, and family losing family members or themselves getting sick. It’s also been a rough year for me and my health issues as well. 

Give Yourself a Time to Heal

I know that many of you are struggling too. When you are feeling really bad because of your autoimmunity, I want you to allow yourself the grace. Allow yourself the space and allow yourself the time to heal. Recognize this opportunity as a time to reset, evaluate and redirect your life in the direction that you want. Because it’s a precious time. As I always say, autoimmunity is an opportunity for us to create a new direction that we want to go.

As somebody who’s lived with chronic auto-immune for over two decades, this topic is very personal. Some of the things that you experience such as being sick and faced with a health crisis really strips away your identity. Then it starts to control and affect your ability to perform in your day-to-day. For somebody like me who is an overachiever, a go-getter, and is so busy doing all the things to chase self-worth, it meant everything.

There are so many aspects to healthcare and our conventional medical care system. As a practitioner, we’re taught to be confined, to make things black and white, and to only believe in what we can touch, see, and measure. That’s the science. As a scientist who’s chasing all the evidence and the research every day, the truth is it’s hard for me to chase. I did this for so long and I was so stressed out by it. Every single day that passes, we’re expected to know all the new and relevant information that is pertinent clinically. We are expected to have new information from different medical journals that involve different systems and different specialties. It’s really hard to stay on top of the diversity of information coming here. There’s no way you can know a lot. 

Besides, all the research is relying heavily on the testers, evaluators, and biases. We know that inter research reliability, correlations, and all the variables that we bring to the table do impact the result of the research and who pays for the research. All that to say, there is a human nature tendency. Our thoughts always create results and beliefs.

Let’s say I am heavily invested in a pharmaceutical company that has produced a new drug for lupus and my study is funded by this company. It is a possibility that I’m going to look at this medication favorably because I benefit from the research being the success, and validating the efficacy of the medication as opposed to not. It’s in my best interest. The scale is always going to tip and it’s completely subconscious. I can say my bias is out all I want. But the human tendency is that we always create the result that we’re thinking and believing.

Believe in Your Healing Journey

In my program called the Autoimmune Health Transformation, I talk about this a lot. We talk about how our thoughts really trigger our feelings and our emotions, which should then dictate the actions and behaviors that we take to create the result that we want. At the end of the day, whatever we’re thinking repeatedly is what we’re creating. So if you look around you financially, relationship, or health-wise, everything that you believe and think is what you’re creating. This is really valid and it’s of importance to you and me. Because it’s hard sometimes when we’re going through a rough patch where our physical body is completely going astray and it’s not doing whatever it wants to do.

I learned the hard way that when my health crisis struck, it really forced me to think about what I really believe. I had no control over what happened symptomatically in my body no matter how much I was doing my role. So when I uncovered all the onion layers of my being, thoughts, habits, beliefs, and limiting beliefs, the subconscious aspect of my thinking is that I was living from a place of fear. For example, at the worst times of my life, I would be sitting really scared with the physician. And whatever I was told was based heavily on the scientific information that was up to date at that time. Now the research papers change every year. So every year or thereafter over the two decades that I made impatiently, it has changed. It has evolved in the field of rheumatology that deals with auto-immunity. 

What I have to understand is that initially I blindly believed everything that science had to offer. Because to me, it was something ideal. Somewhat of an ideal that I aspire to be because I was in my doctoral program, and this is what I was studying to be. I had high respect for the medical system, as well as the education.

But that was proven wrong through my personal experience. It didn’t take just one experience. It’s overtime recognizing that this is the dead end. It was a process for me to reveal the system – the systemic dysfunctions that exist in the medical system. The same as how we, as patients, can interact with that system to either be torn down and be in a state of victimhood or rise above it. As well as to recognize that really our bodies are miraculous. There are too many variables to consider, to say, one thing leads to another. It’s never black or white. 

When we try to limit our miraculous ability to heal to scientific facts or evidence-based practices, we really confine those practices to what we can see. Then we’re doing injustice for what our bodies are capable of. You need to take care of your body. You need to have the right conditions that align with your beliefs first, and then the feelings and the actions you take, and then the results that you create that start with your subconscious beliefs about yourself. 

Love Yourself More

Self-love is important. If you’re always reading my blogs and listening to my podcast, you know that at some level it strikes a chord with you because it’s something that nobody really talks about. Not even your doctors because there’s a limit to what they can do. They’re so stuck on the evidence. So when I try to intellectually understand what’s going on, and I want an explanation for how to proceed, all I’m given is a necessary evil that’s going to toxify my body.

And when we talk about the side effects of some of these immunocompromising medications in the light of COVID, it makes me nervous. Because when you depress or suppress your immune system, then you’re at greater risk. Not only do you have greater risks for cancer and all the fine line side effects that go along with it, but these toxic medications are also one that we cannot ignore.

So think about what to do when you’re not feeling well. Because when you lack control over your health, you feel like you lack control over your life and over your future. Then you start to focus on the things that you cannot control. Personally, my mind went to “What’s going to happen to my kids?” “What’s going to happen to my business?” “What’s going to happen to my health?”. That’s when my attention is focused on the worst-case scenario. That’s why I might be doing all the things holistically and trying to force myself to do things to intervene. But if I’m not aligned mentally in my belief and in my subconscious identity of what I’m trying to create within my body to trigger the miraculous healing ability for my body to start reversing, then it’s never going to align.

I hope you guys understand that. It’s almost like the driver gets into the driver’s seat, not knowing where he’s going. He just steps on the gas pedal, hoping for the best. And for all you care, you’re in the passenger seat and he’s going towards a dead end. And when you hit the dead end, you’re going to get into an accident. Something detrimental can happen. So that’s not a chance that I’d like to take. Because fatigue, pain, frustration, and fear prevent you from living a productive life. Personally, I went into self-judgment, self-betrayal, and lots of self-loathing. 

I kept telling myself how lazy I was being – how unproductive I am. I would ask myself how I could not do the things that I said I was doing. Then I would degrade myself more to cause this self-deprecating sort of scenario in my head. A scenario that is so familiar to me because I grew up in a family where it was very hyper-critical. Everything I did was never good enough. That was a sign language of love in my family because my family is out of love. We always tell the truth. We always look at the glass half empty versus half full, because if you have false hopes, you just become an idiot who expects good things to happen in life.

But back then I knew there’s nothing wrong with that. So I just want you to know that you and I are both conditioned from zero to seven years of age. We have identified ourselves to be a certain way. And we have deep-seated beliefs that really govern everything that we do.

That conditioning or programming is what’s learning, or what’s ruining our lives. For me, I learned how addicted to fear and suffering I was. Because the feeling of looking for fear and suffering when I’m happy became a habit. Like when things are good, I would get very anxious and look for the things that can go wrong. So I can go back to my natural state of being, which is to be in fear and in complete dissatisfaction. I’m always trying to improve but inherent to that was me telling myself I was never good enough. I’m not lovable and not perfect. There’s always a lack of who I think I am. That was causing a lot of unnecessary suffering. And the exact opposite is what we promote in our program.

Transform and Reprogram Your Identity

If you don’t reprogram your identity and peel off the layers of the onion to look with full truth and transparency of what you truly believe about yourself, you’ll have a breaking moment. You’ll realize it’s as simple as turning that around and being relentless about changing the beliefs that you hold about yourself. The only difference is you choose what’s unfamiliar. You choose what would serve you. You choose everything in life as a choice. So whatever choice you’re making to feel bad, mad, or sad, is a choice you’re making. There is nobody else you can blame. There is nobody else you can resent or no amount of shame you can feel that’s going to change or improve your life. The only thing that can improve is to start new, be in the present moment, and make a choice to do so.

It’s as simple as that. Healing is that simple. Is it easy? No. This idea of change and transformation takes a lot of work. Once you sign up and start the path of healing, it’s a long journey. But you do have the tools, connection, support, and accountability to do the work together. You can make sure that we shift on the inside, start being self-reliant, and start to cultivate self-confidence, self-love, and self-regard to understand that that’s where the seed of healing lies. That’s what you’d lost in touch with, that created this autoimmunity – the intolerance to self.

So no matter what you think you’ve done, no matter what you’ve tried, there’s a seed of belief that believes that you’re not going to heal. There’s a seed of belief that is completely given up. There’s a seed of belief in your life that limits your ability to progress and heal beyond your belief right now.

If that’s you, there is always a choice to start to feel better all for yourself. The time, grace, and space to feel like you can rest and reset. But beyond that, work on yourself to understand at a deeper level who you are, not who you are defined by everybody around you, but who you really are. That’s really important. Because the health crisis does that to us. It’s almost a blessing to reflect upon what’s truly important in our lives. And through that process, you can find greater meaning for what you do. It’s not just caused and effect. It’s going to be joyful, gleeful, and happy all the time.

That’s not what we’re all about. Life and human experience are all about experiencing the full spectrum of the rainbow and taking the good with the bad. As well as understanding yin to the yang and believing that’s the opposite of suffering.

Happiness and joy exist when you’re able to embrace both sides of the coin. It is in this wisdom when you can elevate your consciousness to a level where you can redirect your mind. At the same time wholeheartedly connect your mind to your body, so that you can heal. No amount of knowledge or understanding can truly heal you from external sources like your doctors. That doesn’t change. So you can’t wait for that to happen. You need to make it happen – make a choice, and commit to your self-growth and self-healing. That requires you to do the deeper work of getting to know who you are so that you can transform from the inside out. Work out to reveal all the traumas, all the wounds, and every habitual thing and thoughts that you’re holding. Choosing to hold onto that may be perpetuating your auto-immunity.

Generate the Healing Power from Within

Through that process, I’m growing stronger every single day. I act with more humility, and nothing surprises me anymore in my field. I trust that my body is on its way to healing. When it tells me something’s alarming or something’s going off, I know that it’s trying to tell me something. It’s a message that it sends. So gratefully, I sit, listen, or take a rest and give myself some grace to understand what my body’s trying to tell me. Then I rethink my ability to generate the healing power from within, by relying on and reinforcing the belief I have in miracles. Because miracles are so much better. Living from possibility is so much better than the blackened cause and effect of the limited science that tries to confine us to a certain concept.

I want you to expand beyond the beliefs of limited healing. In order for you to truly heal, you’re going to have to unlock within you the healing power, and only then can your body start to create the healing energy from within. 

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