Why Education Can Keep You Stuck

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Lupus Blog | 0 comments

With autoimmunity, we tend to look for answers from “experts” with credible education. We all put our hope and trust to the “experts” because the nature of their work is to help us heal. It is our common response to depend our situation to them.

While the legitimate training is helpful, there are times when we must look beyond the limits of science. We need to go and explore beyond the limits of science to truly understand the full spectrum of disease and health.

Listen to Dr. Connie as shares how education is sometimes overrated when it comes to true healing. Sometimes, it’s not always about science, and its scope. It can also be US.

You as the BEING can heal your complete ecological system that include your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, you can achieve the results that you are seeking.

To learn more about healing beyond the limits of science, watch the full episode of Mind Your Health Show Ep. 231: Why Education Can Keep You Stuck. You may also join our free Facebook group, Self Empowered Healers.

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