Why The Alkaline Method™ Was Created

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Hi! I hope you are having a great start to a new year. It’s year three into our pandemic. There are many things that are unknown to us, and I think we’re all navigating this crazy time together. But I think everybody would agree that we are evolving, growing, learning, navigating this new territory. There is no doubt in my mind that there has to be some revolutionary changes. It’s a time for everything to kind of become disruptive so that we can rebuild our systems back up in a way with trust, integrity and all the things that we are all desperately seeking. Today I want to kind of give you a background of the Alkaline Method™ which I created.

My Experiences Turned into a Greater Vision

I think we all want some stability and security back in our lives, but thi sort of shaky times has taught us that we can all go through it. There’s definitely some unraveling going on and there’s a lot of necessary transformations and necessary experiences that we all are meant to have at this time.

Through this time, remember that you’ve always got yourself and this is a time to really be self-empowered from within. I will be sharing more of my health journey in the last six months. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve navigated through. I learned and realized a lot. I’ve been able to really reflect on what really truly the gap is in our industry as a whole and what my vision is for the future of our Alkaline Methodology.

Today, I will be sharing to you short background of the Alkaline Method™, how it came to be, why we need this integrative approach and why I’m stepping forward to really go full force with my brand training as well as solutions for our patients as well.

How I Contributed to My Autoimmunity

I want to share that I’ve always been a health fanatic, but I assumed because I was an immigrant, not knowing English and culturally completely, completely unaware of how things were here in America.

I think I tend to go into every situation thinking that everybody else knows better than me. And, in my mind, it’s like I have to work twice or three times as hard as anybody else just to catch up to where they are, because I always felt like there was a lag in my ability to speak the language. I really obsessed over this insect insecurity of mine. And that became the foundation for my belief system that really tells me that I lack something.

Fast forward to today, I recognize that all those insecurities were unnecessary, that it was all stories in my mind. And as I get to know myself better, I wasn’t living in my true alignment and truth. Perhaps, I know without a shadow of a doubt that that’s why physiologically, I’ve gotten this immune condition and it flares up and down because they never managed to truly heal from the traumatic experiences and really reset my body in a way where it’s fully aligned with who truly I am.

Right Mindset, But Not Intention

So as a health fanatic, I believed all my life health was something that we were born with, but also something that we can optimize by doing all the things that we ought and should be doing such as eating healthy and exercising. That’s what I thought. I didn’t like going into the spiritual woo side, but secretly I was always seeking the spiritual side. I was always drawn to the books self-improvement books, cause I felt unworthy for whatever reason. Little did I know that healthy habits such as eating and exercise without the right intention and balance can also be taken to the extreme. It causes destruction to the health and vitality that we have.

There’s so much growing confusion around what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy. And there’s so many dogmatic stances from plant-based diets to veganism and vegetarianism. There’s a spectrum keto diets to paleo diet or ancestral diet. Eat animals, don’t eat animals, carbon footprint or not. There is a lot of back and forth.

As somebody who has entrenched herself in the science and education, I have a very logical mind that I need to be able to process. But I have a creative mind where I can pick up a lot of things. I’m always curious about connecting the dots between the disciplines that’s why I ended up studying so many fields in my education.

What Works for Others Might Not for You

Truth be told, sometimes, I’m just as confused at times at the claims being made by non-experts. It gives you radical claims and they have raving testimonials that can’t be denied and a large fan base on social media.

The truth is that there is no one size fits all diet or healthy lifestyle for everyone. Just like the COVID pandemic and the controversy that it’s stirring up. We can’t really force something to be for everybody. This is because we all have individual differences, both genetically, epigenetically, culturally, geographically, ethnically, gender, age wise. So many other factors and life really poses different challenges for each and every individual and coping mechanisms different for all of us. And it affects us differently.

Self-Awareness is Key to Health

Research and studying dietetics enrollment wellness for the last 30 years, I’ve learned that health is something that must be achieved from self-awareness. It’s not just about eating exercising and doing all the right things. It’s about the integration of your whole body, the mind, body, and spirit, and aligning with your true self to cultivate love from within ourselves to drive the very behaviors in our lives, healthy behavior, can’t be sustained by willpower.

The only possible way to be healthy is by being healthy, which is very different from doing all the healthy behaviors at our core. Our beliefs root us in our thinking, which then elicits our feelings, which then triggers our behavior to create the results in our lives. So unless we address our beliefs of whys, of driving our behavior, the core of why we do what we do, because a lot of that is subconsciously driven. And unless we bring awareness to those things, we cannot be intentional about what we want to accomplish.

Many of you live unintentionally seeking answers outside of you from social media influencers and the legs as that population grows, we ended up following their regimen. But their regimen may not be suitable for us. It’s important to own our own thoughts on our own belief systems and challenge those beliefs if they don’t serve us anymore. We must really be intentional about our thoughts. In this way, we can have our feelings to generate healthy behavior, to create ultimately the results that we want in our lives and that includes health.

There’s Always This Missing Piece

Knowing this and studying each individual discipline from psychology, nutrition, physical therapy, functional medicine, macrobiotics to everything in between Pilates, yoga, and all the things, I always felt something missing with my career. Don’t get me wrong. The pay was good. The opportunities were abundant as a job. However, it was not fulfilling on the inside because I had questions. I got myself busy seeking answers.

As a result, I found the functional medicine, Pilates, and yoga meditation. But the further I immersed myself in this, the more I realized how fragmented and ineffective our trainings can be. Yet, most of my colleagues were buying into the dogmas of each discipline. The more I tried to integrate, the more I was discouraged from stepping out of my scope of practice. Let me explain what scope of practice is.

What Scope of Practice is and its Limitations

Scope of practice is defined as the procedures, actions and processes that healthcare practitioners are permitted to undertake in keeping with the terms of their professional license. The scope of practice is limited to that, which the law allows for specific education and experience and specific demonstrated competency.

The law does not define or dictate biology, physiology, psychology, and spirituality. It does not define human experience. The law is intended to provide the system of rules, which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforced by the imposition of penalties.

A lot of healthcare practitioners are always looking for liabilities and we’re trained to be evidence-based. But that evidence is so limiting. Its dogma doesn’t provide us with the possibilities of full body healing. It only limits us to our discipline, which then further divides our human body, leaving us as patients to be seeking different solutions for different problems from different specialists and the problem ensues.

The Creation of Alkaline Method™

As I gained more clinical experience, as well as personal experience navigating the healthcare system within autoimmune condition. The more it became clear to me that the fragmented approach does not provide solutions for those of us seeking holistic healing. All I wanted to do was heal. All I wanted to prove was that I can reverse my condition. I kept getting drawn to the missing pieces of the puzzle in my own wellbeing, as well as for those who I served, my patients, and began to put the pieces together to create what Alkaline Method™ is today.

Human experience involves our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results as I mentioned. We are what we repeatedly think. And our thoughts are deeply conditioned from a young age. Our programming then is subconscious. Meaning, it’s not hunches to us. We’re not aware of our deeply seated beliefs, driving our behaviors. There’s a layer of superficial reality in every each and every one of us to mostly feel worthy enough to fit in.

As a result, we’re always looking for social proof. We’re always looking for a worthiness belong somewhere. But we all have various degrees of trauma in our lives that we experienced, which serve to protect our identity in this world, our experiences, however, traumatic becomes the truth that become the seed for our shame, guilt self-loathing and selfie trail.

Our Behaviors Have Impact in our Health

Our lives become the survival mechanism to hide who we truly are. We consciously live our lives to be accepted and loved from external sources. Our healthy and not so healthy behaviors become the survival mechanisms that ultimately serve to provide false sense of protection from our own truths.

Running from the truth becomes the theme in our lives. Anxiety, worry, fear, and a constant state of being security now becomes the baseline for our state of being. From that place we can accomplish wellbeing or health. This is what triggers our autonomic nervous system, specifically the sympathetic nervous system that can drive our bodies towards disease.

This is a common theme across all our autoimmune patients today, as well as many other diseases.

Regaining health, conventionally, or holistically, isn’t about following a specific dogmatic ways of eating, exercising, meditating, or living, whatever that looks like healing starts with awareness. It’s a process of self-exploration that requires an integrative approach that’s right for you. It’s unique for each individual. And we must start with self-love.

Self-Love is The Beginning of Our Healing Journey

Health and wellbeing requires first being who you truly are and loving yourself and to reach a state of self-love. You must cultivate self-awareness and the alkaline method is all about reaching a state of wellbeing. That is perfect for you stems from the inside because we believe inherently healing is an inside job. There are four essential elements with three respective pillars within each elements to provide a framework and tools that one can follow to reach a state of self-love and self-actualization because that’s the ultimate path for self empowered healing.

The Elements of the Alkaline Method™

There are four essential elements with three pillars within each element to provide a “framework” and tools that one can follow to reach a state of self love and self actualization.

1. Inner Awakening: This is all about the inner work of knowing who you are, not the pretense of who you think you ought or should or must be in this world, but who you truly are for you to really provide yourself with the permission to shine as you are with no judgment or opinions, and all the conditioning that you have.

  • Awareness
  • Alignment
  • Core Values

2. Outer Manifestation: It means acquiring strength and resilience to move through life circumstances, both positive and negative.

  • Polarity
  • Breath
  • Balance

3. Modern Medicine: It means applying modern medical science to address physiology.

  • Stress-Brain
  • Gut-Brain
  • Immune-Brain

4. Ancient Wisdom: It is a timeless, ancient principles for whole body healing.

  • YOGA: Your Opportunity for Growth and Abundance
  • Energy
  • Meditation/hypnosis/silence

The Alkaline Method™ Mission and Vision

I want you to understand that many disciplines and dogmas have various degrees of their framework, but ultimately are very limiting in their approach. They’re failing to incorporate the whole body healing. There’s much more about defending their own dogmas than integration. It’s very theater-based and it’s very limiting.

Alkaline Method™, on the other hand, aims to bridge the gap between dichotomy and polarity that is inherent in life itself. It respects natural order, individuality, diversity of all sorts and most importantly brings you back home ultimately to yourself. I believe that human beings, we lack the self worthiness from lacking self-love. And self-love is the beginning of self healing journey.

Through Alkaline Method™ Academy that I created, we provide certifications and training for health practitioners. We provide integrative lifestyle solutions for autoimmune patients and have a bold vision to heal the world by empowering as many individuals as possible. We aim this to finally heal from the inside out and thriving in their lives, living their own individual truths.

Connect With Us

If this resonates with you, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. I have both Mind Your Health Podcast as well as Functional Yoga Medicine Podcast, where I shared tips and bits and pieces to integrate all the elements and pillars of the Alkaline Method™.

Subscribe to our channel. It helps us spread the word and it’s time to be bold. This world needs more healing so we can change generations of our broken healthcare system. As we really work to restructure and rebuild our lives back after this challenging time, but it was going to only make us more resilient and stronger. And I think we need to now ultimately come together, but it’s time to really gain the power from within.

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Also, we have free training for those of you who may be suffering from autoimmune conditions or not diagnosed, but have some auto immunity issues or mysterious symptoms. It starts next Monday. It’s going to be a comprehensive training for over seven days. You don’t want to miss that. I hope to see you there!

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