Why Your Attention Is Something You Must Protect to Prevent Self-Sabotage

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Hey everyone! This week’s blog is all about Why Your Attention Is Something You Must Protect to Prevent Self-Sabotage. There are things that nobody really talks about while many search for things that they can do. Some apply things like diets and changing or taking supplements, or exercising; all the things that we know that can help even taking medications. They don’t really bother to recognize the ripple effect of autoimmunity in our lives. 

Understanding Your Own Role

When we’re tired, and in pain due to autoimmunity, it keeps us from cultivating healthy relationships with those who matter the most in our lives. We can’t show up for our kids the way we want; to play with them, attend their recitals or track meetings and watch all the soccer games and what have you. We can’t operate like other energetic moms. 

It really has an underlying sabotaging voice in our heads. To tell us how we’re not good enough over and over again, beating ourselves down. Not only that, we’re not able to be there for our spouses, friends and colleagues or coworkers in the way that we really want to cultivate a healthy social network. 

It even affects our aspirations and ambitions towards our career; it affects our faith. Most importantly, our relationship with ourselves. I’ve met and treated many autoimmune patients. While it’s easier to look outside of ourselves for solutions, it’s more important to understand our own role in triggering and perpetuating autoimmunity. 

What Made It Prevent Healing

Once you can really wrap your head around your responsibility in your own life and your own health, that’s going to be the most powerful place to operate from. Because no matter what you do, unless we address the root cause of our issue and learn to eliminate those habits that we have, and the limiting beliefs that are fueling our thoughts, feelings, and our actions, we will never be fully liberated and heal from those effects.

This is why in our Alkaline Method Transformation for Autoimmunity Program. We not only provide the superficial symptoms by providing nutritional and movement solutions through No Nonsense Nourishment for Autoimmunity. As well as autoimmune yoga specific movements that will heal our autoimmune prone bodies. But we also provide transformational coaching to work through deeper issues that keep you stuck. This is what really cultivates breakthroughs in our patients.

The Elements of Alkaline Methodology

This includes our inner awakening, which is the first element of our Alkaline Methodology. It is a framework by which we work through its deeper layers. 

The outer layer which is the inner awakening is all about you; getting to know yourself and learning to know what you’re aligned with and what is important to you. Learning your core values and your limiting beliefs that you’re holding on to that is keeping you from making strides towards your health.

Then, there’s outer manifestation. It is the second element of the Alkaline Methodology that works to understand that what you’re thinking energetically and feeling in your body is exactly what you are manifesting in your life.

What You Know vs. What You Believe In

Hence, I really dive deep into learning about why we do what we do and why we don’t do what we do. Even when we know it’s good for us, because what we know is very different from what we believe. And what we believe is what we really act out on. Understanding the difference between the two is the vehicle that gets us to where we want to go. It’s a lot deeper because many of you are really looking at “what can I do to feel better right now.” 

When we’re acutely involved or going through a flare, we are riddled with so much physiological deterrence that keeps us from wanting to do the “thing”. Sometimes, we can’t do the “thing” because of our physiology.

We’re too tired and in too much pain. Which takes a toll on our ability to function normally. 

These are all things that we have to work through. And it’s all within the program for acute illnesses or flares, as well as those of you who are going through chronic flares; it works both ways. 

How To Prevent Anything From Long-Term Effects

We have a quick fix solution for many of the symptoms, as well as to really address the chronicity of our condition. Also, to really nip things in the bud, because the ultimate benefit of our program is all about learning empowerment.

Self-empowerment is a tool we can use to heal ourselves so that we can prevent anything from long-term effects. 

I want to dive into the energetic aspects of our healing versus the surface level things that we tend to get obsessed about. Wherein, we are our thoughts. Our thoughts create vibrations or feelings in our body and feelings themselves are vibrational frequencies.

It alters it within our body, which is an energetic force that elicits certain physiological responses from our bodies. This affects our health in a big way that ultimately is driving the autoimmunity. We emphasize the foods and the movements, which are really surface level things that are commonly associated well with healing, though it’s not all of it. Those are still surface layer things. Unless we get to the deep healing effects that we’ll never bring up to the surface. 

What Activates Your Actions

I talk commonly about a pimple that we might have as a teenager. I used to get some pimples and whenever it comes, I’ll try to kind of squeeze it out. But it isn’t until we get the seed of that pimple, the infection deep within the white head that comes up the pus, that can kind of come to the surface.

Once we squeeze the seed of it out, it is only when we can feel the healing. If the seed is in there and it’s still puzzy deep within, it doesn’t matter what it feels like when we just scratch the surface. It will just continue to heal and get irritated.

It’s the same way with autoimmunity. Most of you don’t realize that the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel, are what activates our actions to produce the results in our lives. Hence, thinking over and over again is the summation of our beliefs.

This Isn’t All You

Today, I want to ask you, have you ever failed at diets or exercise programs in the past, simply because you just couldn’t get yourself to do the things or talk yourself out of it that you clearly know would help you? Without a doubt that if you followed this diet, it would help you if you’d exercise every day, but then you just don’t feel like it.

You give into your energy that you don’t want to do. You sort of fall away or fail away from what the goal that you’ve set off. Attending the gym everyday, or exercising every day, whatever that might be. 

Well, I want to tell you that this isn’t all you. 

This is because there’s a deeply held belief about yourself, the identity that you hold, that opposes the thing that can potentially heal your body. Even though you want to heal your body, you really believe deep within that you can’t heal the body. Or you have other pre-existing things in your life that kind of gets you to a place where you really believe that you can’t do the “thing” because of the circumstances in your relationship, in your marriage or something else in your life.

Prevent The Negative Thoughts

Whatever that might be, this is why my Alkaline Method Transformational Program for Autoimmunity teaches that energy flows where your attention goes.

Meaning, we are thinkers of our thoughts. Therefore, we are in charge. We’re the masters of our own thoughts. We can shift them from being negative to positive. 

However, many of us get stuck in the negative cycle of our thoughts. Which constantly gets so much fed in our day to day lives that we forget that we have the ability to shift towards the positive thoughts. Our habitual experience of being in this negative space keeps us there as opposed to pulling us out of it, to allow us to go in the right direction.

You Are Your Life’s Director

I want you to think of your life as a movie.

Imagine that you are the director who can determine the experience of the main character, which is you. Yet you don’t really know that you’re responsible for your own experience in your own movie. That’s really what I want you to experience. 

It doesn’t matter how sick you are because sickness will last and sometimes it sucks without immunity. So learning to sort of pull yourself out of the ditch into a higher elevated state of being, allows us to have a chance at complete comprehensive healing from the deeper layers to the surface.

I believe many of you are perpetuating your negativity cycle because you’re asking wrong questions in your lives. But did you know that the quality of your life is dependent on the questions that you ask? I believe Einstein said that. Therefore, I want you to think and write your thoughts about your thought processes in the questions that you ask. 

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

In my coaching, many of our students or patients are asking why I am so sick. Why am I always sabotaging myself? Why does everything hurt? Why is he acting that way? Why am I so broken? Or I just want to feel better. Why can’t I feel better? Why can’t I live a better life when other people are living their lives? 

Guess what your mind does when you ask such questions? It’s only going to validate why you feel sick and why you want to feel better, but you can’t. It’s only going to validate why you’re so tired and why you’re so broken. 

Remember, energy flows where your attention goes. 

Start To Ask Better Questions To Prevent Negativity

So ask better questions, and better questions are sort of like, how can I live a better life? How can I improve my relationship with my kids? How can I show up healthier for my kids? Or how can I improve my energetic state? How can I do better so that I can be more active in my life?

Therefore, when I ask these questions, my mind’s going to look for the solutions as to how I can do better and how I can get more energy in my life. Also, how I can figure out a way to do the things that I want. Instead of asking myself the dead end questions that’s only going to validate how sick I am. 

I hope you’re seeing the difference. This is why some of us get really stuck in the gutter and don’t know how to pull out of that. 

You Are Not Alone In This Journey

That’s why I call the Alkaline Method, a transformation or lifesaving for a lot of autoimmune patients. This is because it’s the only program that will elevate you enough to address the surface level things that we all struggle with. While getting rid of the symptoms and understanding or cultivating the deeper aspects of the negativity and bringing it up to the surface.

Finally, we can take a look at it and be fully aware so that we can learn to eliminate those things one by one. 

It’s a journey. It’s a process and everything is all about understanding that health and healing is a lifelong pursuit and we do it together. 

We’re very vigilant about eliminating any negative thoughts that come our way.

Join Our Team

If this message resonates with you, these are some common sense aspects to it. We not only address the modern medicine piece, utilizing all my knowledge and education in functional medicine, but also address it with the timeless wisdom, ancient wisdom of yoga, energy medicine, and really lots of understanding about channeling and all the miraculous inherent abilities from our bodies. This is to leverage those things with our scientific understanding and inner transformation. Also, to really amplify everything that we do to a whole new level.

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I’m going to share with you the practical and easy tips to address and conquer your autoimmunity in all aspects. Because again, autoimmunity has ripple effects in all aspects of our lives. We need to address it in the holistic way that we can. 

Till my next blog! Have a wonderful day!

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