Why Your Health May Be Doomed Without You Realizing It

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Hey everybody! Today I’m going to talk to you about why your health may be doomed without you even realizing it, because most of what we do is subconscious. For as long as I can remember living with autoimmunity, when the flares happen, it just sort of sneaks up on you. It’s not until you’re well into the flare that you realize you could have been doing a lot better with your health endeavors and the habits you’ve been cultivating.

So, I really want you to consider that underneath everything you do, day in and day out, most of it is on autopilot. This means that, subconsciously, 90% of what you do, day in and day out, is dictated by your habit brain. This is the part of the mind that, in our Alkaline Method, we refer to as the subconscious mind. It’s the first element of our Alkaline Method, which we utilize in transforming our patients’ lives and mindsets, through the Autoimmune Health Transformation program.

Subconscious means that you’re not consciously aware that we’re doing these things. The flip side to this is the conscious mind, which is the second element of the Alkaline Method. What’s important for you to recognize is that 90% of what you think, feel, and do is based on past conditioning, directed from your subconscious mind. 90% is a lot, right?

Your Subconscious Mind Boxes You In

It’s almost like you’re all busy walking around in this life with a box over your head. The problem is that, with the box over your head, all you see is the four sides of the box. Meanwhile, the instruction by which your body works is outside of that box. So, we need a conscious lifting of that subconscious box, so that you can see the direction by which your body and mind works. This is the key to unlocking your health endeavors.

We really have to bring awareness to your habitual tendencies and separate your identity from the habit. A habit is a habit. It’s not who you are, but, too often, we attach meaning and identity with the habit that we’re attached to. This causes us to have a difficult time separating the two. I want you to recognize that your subconscious programming is almost like a software to the hardware. Your mind and your body is what you came to the world with. What it was conditioned or programmed to be is based on our circumstances and conditioning from our environment, caretakers, parents, teachers, religious backgrounds, etc.

A lot of what we formed our beliefs and egos around is a learned identity. It makes sense for us to recognize that, a lot of the times, who we think we are is really not in alignment with the true core values that we hold for ourselves. It’s a learned identity, which means that sometimes we have to recognize that those learned identities and habitual tendencies do not serve us.

Claiming Consciousness Within the Subconscious Mind

Yet, our brain, because it’s so subconsciously programmed, has a difficult time even wanting to lift the box from over our heads. We have a hard time finally reading the directions and recognizing that we have full control over our lives. This is why changing our habits and some behaviors is so hard to do, because we can’t see the greater picture. It’s so hard for us to see what we are subconsciously programmed with.

So, you need to really elevate your consciousness and allow yourself to tap into your conscious mind. Utilize the three pillars of the conscious mind element of the Alkaline Method to direct your prefrontal cortex. Use the patterning and habit breaking strategies to detach from the habit and recognize it for what it is. For the purpose of today, I really want you to understand that your habitual tendencies are what may be dooming your health endeavors, without you even knowing it.

That’s why the subconscious part of your brain needs to be reawakened and paid attention to, that way we can know and be aware of what’s there. That way, we can redirect it towards the direction that we want it to go. This is why many autoimmune patients keep using a broken strategy, which focuses on the doing. We go search for a new book, diet, supplement, medication, doctor, holistic intervention, etc.

Your Subconscious Identity Dictates Your Life

Meanwhile, what they should be doing is focusing on being first. We need to work on the identity, and then the subconsciousness of what’s driving everything we do. That’s the foundation and the root of everything that we do. The identity you hold in your subconscious mind is exactly what you’re playing out in your life, without you even knowing it. So, if you don’t like where you’re at in your health endeavors, I highly recommend that you take a better look at your subconscious mind and habitual tendencies. Then, redirect your attention towards the direction that you want you life to go. That’s all it takes.

The identity that you hold in your subconscious mind is exactly what you are putting out. If you find your results to be less than ideal, then you may be perpetually sabotaging yourself. This is an important concept for you to recognize. If you don’t know that this is what’s happening underneath the surface, you’ll never grasp what you need to do to shift your attention towards where you want to go. The way you direct your attention, the mind-body connection, is where it’s at.

The work is in revealing to yourself what’s underneath the surface and understanding your three brain levels. Starting from the reptilian brain, the automated brain, to the primitive brain, to the mammalian brain, full of the feelings that drive behavior, then to the prefrontal. It’s often hard to change our behavior and make the necessary habitual changes, because much of what we do is subconscious. That’s what I really want you to recognize and reveal to yourself.

Reprogramming Your Mind

So, based on that, I want you to write down some of the bad habits that you want to change in your life. Write them down and make yourself aware of them. That way, you can make better choices if they’re not serving you. Recognize what they are and see if they’re something that you can catch yourself doing without recognizing it. If you’re not aware of the things that you do under the surface, how will you ever make the necessary changes to move in the direction that you want?

The first step is to recognize these habitual patterns. It’s a meta concept, but humans are the only mammals that can really think about the way we think. The thinking mind is a subjective, abstract thing. It’s not a tangible thing that we can measure, so you have to be vigilant about your tendencies. You need to really look at some of the habitual things you do, day in and day out.

Let Go of the Broken Strategy

It takes vigilance and resilience in you to recognize what those habitual tendencies are and to catch them in you. You have to see how you act on them and that these habits create the results you see right now. So, if you don’t like where you are in your health, wealth, relationships, and life in general, it’s important that you recognize which habits you much shift and change, once and for all. There is a strategy behind it, so stop using one that’s broken. All that gets you is to do something a little different, a little better, and a little more. What you really need to do is change the way you are being in your life and start being healthy, because it’s not about the doing.

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