Hey guys! Thank you so much for joining me today. I really want to talk to you about the potential of you being attached to fear, pain, and suffering, versus focusing on health and healing. Recently, I got to asking my Autoimmune Health Transformation clients that are in my year long program about what health means to them. I got really marginal answers, like being symptom free, being able to wake up without pain, getting off medications, and potentially doing travels. It wasn’t anything drastic.

So, I challenged them to think about about the fact that being healthy doesn’t mean an absence of symptoms. Being healthy means different things to different people. It can be running a 5k or even climbing Mount Everest. I challenged them to really think about dreaming big. The loftier goals that they set for their health, the better the outcome they’ll have because their minds need to be stretched.

If we’re always just kind of existing in the status quo, that’s where we’ll be. With autoimmunity, all of us are so riddled with fear. Fear of the incurability, of the unknown, of healing, of relationships, and of money. Fear of just everything that can go wrong is what we typically fear. There are so many unknowns living with autoimmunity. I get it. But, at the tsame time, let’s talk about what fear is.

Fear is a Parasite

Fear is false experiences appearing real. What I always say about fear is that, at the end of the day, fear has a parasite effect on our health. It’s something that I want you guys to learn and get a handle on. That way, you can make sure you do not live held hostage by the fears that you hold. It’s completely unnecessary because fear is a feeling, a very negative feeling.

Fear just drums up all of the negative frequencies. It causes vibrations that have a physiological effect in our endocrine system, our gut, our brain, and our immune system. This affects our metabolism, detoxification, and elimination. So, it really does matter how you handle and manage your fear.

First, it causes stress in our lives. Stress has an impact in our brain through the HPA axis, which is the hypopituitary adrenal axis. That has a cascade of effects, like endocrine disruption. The endocrine system involves thyroid, adrenals, insulin, progesterone, cholesterol, estrogen, and testosterone. It’s no wonder why so many autoimmune patients have hypothyroid for many years before they even get diagnosed with any autoimmune condition. The statistics are in the upper nineties that anybody with hypothyroid has Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune-based thyroid issue.

Fear Has Physiological Effects

I want you to really understand the impact of stress in our brain and in our health. When stress degrades our ability, through the endocrine system, then it’s going to affect our gut brain. Our gut brain is our enteric nervous system. It’s going to affect our gut permeability, which allows things to penetrate into our body. Things like toxic chemicals, perfumes, and all the toxins we should be able to fend off ourselves, are no longer able to be locked. So, that becomes an issue for us.

That’s why so many of the autoimmune patients have a food intolerance, perfume intolerance, etc. All of us are intolerant to so many things. We break out into hives, have dry spots, get eczema, and all the other things. All of these symptomatic things are the results of a deeper issue. So, I really want you to think about fear leading to stress.

We get down to the gut next, and what happens is that it causes inflammation in the brain, through the gut-brain axis. You know what gut inflammation looks like. It doesn’t manifest as pain so much, but brain inflammation is very intangible. It appears and manifests through brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, depression, focus issues, etc. How many of you who have autoimmune conditions have these issues? It’s not really pain, per so. It’s not debilitating, but many of my patients report that they have these issues and this does have a play.

Then, what happens is the brain is inflamed and the overall systemic inflammation triggers our immune-brain axis. Ultimately, it not managed well, this leads to autoimmunity affecting our neurotransmitters, hormones, central nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system. This disrupts our metabolism, detoxification, and elimination, and now it becomes a toxic pool.

Your Subconscious Attachment

What if I told you that you are subconsciously attached to suffering and pain, because that’s what’s familiar. Subconsciously, meaning that it’s unbeknownst to you and you are completely blindsided by it. I see this over and over again. Subconsciously, people are attached to suffering. Even when given the opportunity, we all know if we do these things, we can get rid of our symptoms. But, we get into this negative thinking and are constantly in this vortex. A lot of the times, we can’t even pull out of it.

This keeps us in a state of fear. What did I say about fear? Fear attacks, starting to affect our relationship, not only with our health, but it makes us want to do stop doing things for ourselves. It affects our relationships with our spouse, kids, parents, coworkers, and, of course, our health. Fear makes us not want to help ourselves anymore. Then, it’s going to ultimately affect our relationship with our health, as well.

The three important things in our lives are wealth, health, and relationships. Once it starts to degrade, it’s a perpetual cycle of this stress, because the stress repeats over and over again. Many of my patients can’t come out of it. All in the name of functional medicine and holistic medicine, they seek a practitioner who is an expert. But, all they get is a a tactical, “scratch the surface” approach of changing their diet, being scared to eat, taking a bunch of supplements, and doing expensive testing. All of this is only a band-aid approach. Not with medications, though, because it’s holistic, so you get supplements. But, it also doesn’t have a whole-hearted effect in you and on your system because you’re not addressed yourself as a whole.

Fear is Keeping You Sick

We have many layers to us. You have the physical layer, which is where the systems are falling apart. But, that’s all because of our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health, which have been degrading for a long time. How many of you have had certain fears that are something that’s second nature to you because of the trauma you endured when you were young? This is what I’m finding 100 percent of the time. Everyone that works with me in my Autoimmune Health Transformation program, where I apply the Alkaline Method to get to the root of where the trauma came from, they all feel like it was all the past that they create over and over, which has this physiological effect.

Remember, fear is the ultimate parasite to health and longevity. It’s really what causes conditions to worsen. Did you know that you may be subconsciously attached to your pain and suffering? So much so, that you’re completely blindsided by your own tendencies because of your lack of self, self regard and self respect?

When you have these physical traumas that lead into emotional and mental, you have this blind side that’s deep within your system. You harbor it in your body as a vibrational frequency, that’s never been metabolized. Food is not what we eat. Food choices are made by our emotions. Our emotions are preceded by the the thoughts we hold, and all of these are voluntary. We must really work with you to take a look at what’s goin on there and get to the root of it, not to dwell in self pity, but to recognize it and become aware of it. From there, shifting from sick to health is what our Alkaline Method allows you to do.

Free Yourself From Your Attachments

We have a big component of subconscious training, as well as conscious mind training, and then applying the modern medicine piece with timeless wisdom. this cycle of life continues because all of the elemental and fundamental aspects of our wellbeing are addressed in real time. I treat you like the human being that you are.

It’s time to reveal your attachment so that you can finally detach and free yourself from the unnecessary pain and suffering, once and for all. I promise you, because I’m a patient just like you. I know what this means. If that’s you, come join me in my free Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. Come join me over there so that we can have elevated conversation together, to try to pull ourselves out of this ditch. That way, we can go forward in the whole-hearted healing that you’re so capable of.

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There’s so much variability in autoimmunity, that you need to be on board. That’s exactly what I teach in my programs and in my Facebook group. So, join me there. Thank you so much for reading. I’ll speak to you all next week.

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