Your Identity Determines Your Prognosis

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Hey everyone. Today I will be talking about how your identity determines your prognosis. Recently, I had a great conversation with a patient of mine. After a deep dive into her consultation and discussing everything from her symptoms, medical history, social history and relationships, there was something that kept coming up. She had a strong desire to do everything in her power to heal, but there was an underlying belief she could not shake.

Her belief was that she had an incurable disease. And it wasn’t going to get better.

From that place, she has sought different practitioners and doctors to help her not only reverse but cure her condition. The results were only validating her inner core identity that she was a lupus patient who had an incurable and life-threatening disease.

Identity as Our Hardware

There are many such psychological phenomena in the world.  For example, a battered woman can’t get out of the cycle of meeting abusive men. This reflects our tendencies to make choices in life based on what we are conditioned to believe no matter what the external circumstances may look like.

Our identity is the hardware that drives our lives.  The software is an external thing that we can upload and update from time to time. But, the essence of who we are is largely determined by our hardware.  For example, an Android app can only operate on an Android device. Just as an Apple app can only operate on an Apple device.

So “curable” or “incurable” is the identity we need to talk about today.

Imagine a terminally ill cancer patient who is told that she has three months to get her affairs in order.  She decides that she’s going to take matters into her own hands and do everything that she can to cure herself, believing wholeheartedly that she can. Compare this person to someone who is told she has an incurable autoimmune condition and decides that she is broken. So, she will live her life identifying as a broken autoimmune patient for the rest of her life.

Not matter what the result, the cancer patient will live her last three months on her own terms. Versus the latter will be at the mercy of her condition. How would you want to live?

Is Your Life Fulfilling Your Destiny?

The truth is that our mind and brain are not logical.  We have conditioned ourselves into a certain way of thinking being indoctrinated by our society, education and upbringing.  

Our role in life is secondary to the identity we hold.  It is what we all adapted simply because of obligations and social norms that we are ingrained to follow.  We aren’t inclined to stand out and stand for something that is different from the herd. So we go on living our lives, fulfilling everyone else’s agenda, all the while letting our core values go to the wayside.

So I want to encourage you to ask better questions and figure out who you are, what your core values are and why you do what you do . Then, decide whether you are living a life that is fulfilling your true destiny.

I believe we are given a unique opportunity to rethink our identities when we are diagnosed with our respective autoimmunity.  In some ways, our diagnosis is an indicator that our rejection to our own selves may have been the root cause. Your identity determines your prognosis.

So, to think what can trigger our own intolerance to self (autoimmunity) is a good place to start.  We can always choose the upside to any given situation. 

So how you will play this game of life? As a victor who determines the terms of your life? Or as a victim who lives at the mercy of autoimmunity?

If you’re reading this today, I’m sure you are choosing the victor.  Come join our movement where we have deeper conversations around all things functional medicine, physical medicine, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and healthy living to thrive with autoimmunity. Join our Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels Facebook group.

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