Your Identity is the Driving Force Behind the Life You’ve Created

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Hey, everybody! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I want to talk to you about why you get stuck in your learned identity. When you operate from that place of learned identity, it draws attention back to the foundation. This is addressed by the first element of the Alkaline Method. As you know, I’ve been a practitioner for over 20 years, doing whatever in the physical medicine space, as a doctor and physical therapist. I’ve also worked in the nutritional space in the hospital, as well as in wellness centers, weight loss centers, and all of the above in the public health setting as a registered dietician. I’ve been all over the map learning different strategies, including functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, as well as pilates, yoga, and everything in between.

I used to be called somebody who was a jack of all trades and master of none. But, it was really my curiosity to get my health in order that had me seeking all of the answers from places outside of me. Now, having said this, my educational background in psychology, nutrition and physical therapy, functional medicine, yoga, and traditional Chinese medicine only brings me back to only 25% of what I needed to piece together. These pieces only amounted to a portion of the big puzzle in our broken healthcare system.

Making Sense of the Messiness

What I call the Alkaline Method allows me to finally put all the missing pieces of the puzzle together. It puts them together in a cohesive way to try to make sense of something that is so nonsensical. I can tell you from patient to patient that if you seek the answers outside of you and expect some expert physician, doctor, or whatever practitioner to fix or heal you, you’ve got it all wrong. You’ll never heal. I promise you that was what was so foundationally and fundamentally wrong in our healthcare system. It’s merely a band-aid approach.

Healing can only happen from the inside out. Too many of you are stuck in this learned identity and habituate this suffering cycle over and over again. How do I know? I’m a patient, just like you. It took me on a full ride of 18 years to finally come to terms with the fact that it was my held, learned identity and false beliefs about myself that kept me in the cycle of suffering and sickness for so long.

From a Disempowered Identity, to an Empowered Identity

My mission through the work that I do is to get these disempowered, sick patients to an empowered, healthy rebel state. That way, they can take the power back from the inside out. They can take full responsibility for the health that they’re creating in their lives. Recognizing that it is up to them. It is up to you to figure out exactly what you’re perpetuating daily, not recognizing that you’re the one perpetuating your sick cycle. If you don’t recognize that to be true, then you’re always going to be seeking what’s outside of you. You’re going to be in it for a long ride. It will be a frustrating journey, and an expensive one at that.

So, you must come to realize that the healing powers are within you. You must recognize that the operating system by which you live your life is under the radar. It’s completely blinding and you don’t even recognize the very foundation. It’s almost like you’re sitting on the very chair that is what’s wrong with the whole picture. You don’t recognize this because that’s the most obvious thing. That chair is the foundation that supports you. And that foundation is really wrong.

I’ve had to do this myself, too. With the many thousands of patients that I served, sometimes we had to do the really difficult thing of recognizing and becoming aware of what’s not serving us. It does require us to uproot our roots where we are and plant the seed somewhere else. That way, your roots will have a better foundation in soil that actually supplies everything that we need so we can have nice, healthy branches and leaves and flowers can bloom.

You Must Recognize Your Sick Identity

But, as long as you’re stuck in the foundational beliefs and identity that you keep holding onto, not recognizing that that’s the soil by which you are killing your branches and the leaves of your tree, then you’re always going to be in this sick place. You’re the one who’s choosing to be stuck in that place. The reason why I call this a transformation self journey is because we sometimes have to uproot in order to get to a better place. Unless we see that the very root or foundation by which we are standing on is not right, then we won’t even know that it takes all of our efforts to move us in a position that’s going to optimize our health and life.

I get it. Change is hard and it comes in different forms. Sometimes, if what we think is our identity is not serving us, we have to recognize that it’s time for us to really take a closer look in the mirror. Doing this work for so long, I realize that, unless you have a trusted source that can piece through what it is that you’re hiding, most of us have a lot of repressed emotions and memories. We have a lot of guilt, shame, fear, and anxiety that drives us in everything that we currently do. So much so that it becomes a habituation. This means that they become habits that we do every day, day in and day out, not even recognizing that that’s what we do by default.

You Must Believe You Can Rid Yourself of Suffering

It’s the easiest path. It’s the path of least resistance. We tend to really become addicted to unnecessary suffering and struggling. We’re almost married to it because that’s all we’ve known. To think about uprooting, recreating the life we want, and getting rid of all the symptoms, it all seems unfathomable. It’s actually very much a possibility, but it can’t happen until you believe that to be true.

I want you to think about your brain as a physiological system. Your brain is part of your physiology. You’ve got the frontal lobes, temporal lobe, and occipital lobes. We have the reptilian brain, the hypothalamus, the pituitary and adrenal glands, and all other things that we can name. It’s tangible. We can touch, palpate, dissect, and measure these things.

But, your thoughts and feelings provide energy. They give us a different vibrational frequency. In traditional Chinese medicine, that’s called the meridian channels in our body. In Ayurveda and the yogic medical system, it’s called the nadi channels. It’s the energy that allows for us to function physiologically. As you’re sitting here reading this, your heart is beating. And, I guarantee, you’re not telling your heart to keep beating. We’re not voluntarily telling it what to do, it just does what it does. This is because we have electrical impulses that exist in our body, through our brains. Everything is electrical. That passage of force, if you will, through the vessel, which is our tangible medium, our cellular makeup, however way you look, it is something we can measure.

Thoughts and Feelings Rule Our Lives

The thoughts and feelings are outside. It’s something that we feel. Thoughts trigger our feelings, and feelings are really important. Feelings of shame, anxiety guilt, hatred, anger, or any negative feelings have a negative physiological impact. When we think something over and over again, it triggers the feelings that then have a physiological effect in our bodies and perpetuates this cycle.

Our physiology, the way we are created by default, is in a state of wellbeing and balance, with the absence of negative thoughts and feelings. You have to remember that in order to recognize that what you’re thinking and feeling is voluntary. It’s what you’re conditioned to do. Working with my patients, I realized there was a deeper meaning behind why they do what they do, why they think, and why they feel. It was all based on illusions, not on the truth, but what their beliefs were.

Those beliefs need to be challenged and shifted towards the direction that you want in order to create better thoughts and feelings so that you have a better physiological impact. Your thoughts and feelings drive your actions or inactions toward the thing that serves you and towards the thing that doesn’t serve you. It’s the cupcake or the green juice. You see this all the time.

When we’re in a state of anxiety, anger, or sadness, we want a tub of ice cream or a cupcake. When we’re stressed to the max, we crave sugar, We want something good, a quick pleasant fix. But, when we’re in the sate of wellbeing, only then do we want to help to serve us.

Negative Beliefs are the Culprit

The problem is that in your identity and the beliefs you hold, it’s almost always those beliefs about yourself that are negative. A lot of us have issues with self loathing, disregard, and disrespect. So much so, that we make everyone else more important than what we think. In fact, when you were little, nobody ever asked you what you think. We were told what to believe. We were indoctrinated into knowing what to do.

Even as learned as I am with my doctoral degree, I was taught how to think, behave, and be compliant. It’s all about the rules and regulations of how to behave a certain way. It’s the conditioned way to be and it doesn’t matter if it’s efficient or effective. That’s just the way it’s always been done. It wasn’t until I began to question those very old, archaic ways that I was able to produce a better method.

I created the Alkaline Method to finally bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together to make patients whole again, bringing them from a disempowered, sick state to an empowered, healthy state. That’s the direction that we want to go. I know, as a practitioner, that I can’t do that unless my patients are on board with whatever it is that I’m doing. In fact, whatever I know to be true through my dogmatic approaches and tactical ways of doing what I do in functional medicine, yoga, physical medicine, nutrition, and all of the things, only makes up 25% of the total equation.

Shifting From Disempowered to Empowered

I needed to step back, absent of any ego and self-importance of what I think I know, to recognize the sheer importance of having this human experience. Recognizing the subconscious mind element, the conscious mind, and then where we’re going to shift the identity from an undesirable to a desirable state. Only then was I able to apply all of the knowledge that I have without resistance, making it super easy to bring everything back as a collective whole. Then, you continue to evolve, which brings you into the fourth element, which is timeless wisdom.

So, to recap, the four elements of the Alkaline Method are what we utilize in going through the health transformation from a disempowered, sick state to an empowered, heathy state. The first element involves recognizing the subconscious identity of who you are. That’s the subconscious mind piece of the Alkaline Method. The second element is the conscious mind. Third is the modern medicine piece, where nutrition, physical medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine, and all the things come together. Finally, you come to the fourth element, which is the timeless wisdom piece. That’s the spiritual growth and evolution.

The continuum of this cycle must be addressed over and over again in a holistic way to make you whole. This is what you do and need to partake in to be empowered. You need to change your identity. You must come to be the empowered health rebel that you are and elevate your being so that you can expand your mind to the possibilities and be empowered in creating your best life possible. That’s the true work. That’s the transformative work that you need.

Healing is Internal

It’s not about another diet. It’s not about another supplement, adaptogen, herbal, holistic approach, or acupuncture session. Nothing happens without the internal shift. That’s really what I wanted to emphasize today. I hope that you found this to be very insightful and really recognize this as your truth. The Alkaline Method allows you a pathway for your self healing journey. No matter how much I know and how much I think I might be the expert, I can’t fix you until you begin your own internal journey. That shift in your identity can only happen from inside out. I can only guide you to the right place, but it’s you who has to do the work.

This is where I really want you to be part of this movement. If you enjoyed this message, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can also find me at the Lupus Rebel Facebook page, as well as in my free Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. In this private Facebook group, we have elevated conversations and don’t swell in any negative pity parties. We’re about elevating ourselves to a better place constantly.

It’s a lot of work to do that, but it’s worthwhile work to find yourself and to have the inner power that you can really stand on. That’s the best, most important gift that I can share with you. I hope this was helpful and I’ll speak to you all soon.

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